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Optimization of Work with Service Providers: How to Maximize Efficiency

Optimization of Work with Service Providers: How to Maximize Efficiency

Service is one of the key aspects of business that can determine the success or failure of a company. The quality of customer service and service execution affects customer loyalty, company reputation, and profitability.

In this article, we'll look at how to optimize work and maximize efficiency when interacting with service providers.

Managing service providers and their work can be a challenge, especially if your company provides services not only locally but also in other cities. It is necessary to organize the work in such a way that the service workers know their schedule and the list of tasks for the day, arrive at the service locations on time, and perform their work efficiently. 

The management should not only control the quality of the services provided, but also generate documentation, monitor the validity of service personnel's permits and keep a history of the equipment. 

"Manual" management and outdated methods often lead to errors and additional management costs, which negatively affects the company's profitability and customer satisfaction.

How to optimize work with service technicians?

Work planning

Effective task scheduling for service technicians is the first step to optimization. Automating this process allows you to distribute tasks among employees based on their availability, skills, and location. This helps to avoid overloading some servicers and inefficient use of resources by others.

Automatic generation of documentation

For each category of service providers, reports and certificates of completion must be generated manually. Automating this process allows management to save time and minimize the human factor. After entering the data into the system once, when performing a certain job, it will automatically pull up all the data and generate a ready-made report. 

Monitoring and analytics

Setting up dashboards and widgets allows you to collect the necessary analytics and monitor the work of your service providers. Thanks to this, you can track data on transactions, completed tasks, servicers, etc. (for example: task completion time, number of visited objects, customer satisfaction, etc.) Analyzing this data allows you to improve workflows and reduce company costs.

Quality control and equipment history management

Due to the lack or insufficient control, service technicians may perform work of poor quality, or in the wrong place, or not fill in the repair history of certain equipment. 

With automation, this process looks like this: After the work is done, the service technician fills out a form in the system, attaching a photo of the equipment to confirm the quality of the work performed. All the filled-in data is integrated with the equipment database, providing the company with the service history of each device. 

ServiceForge maintenance management system

ServiceForge is a specialized self-hosted FSM (Field Service Management) system developed by the FreshTech team. It allows you to automate interaction with service technicians, reduce management costs and the number of errors, improve service quality and customer loyalty.

The platform is installed once. This avoids monthly payments for each user and opens up the possibility of easier scaling. The system has both a basic configuration and the possibility of customization to the needs of the company. 

Optimization of work with service providers is an important aspect of improving service and increasing business profitability. Using a service management system like ServiceForge can help you achieve these goals. Make your business more efficient and customer-oriented by optimizing your work with service providers.

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