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Integration systems: key functionalities

Integration systems: key functionalities

Quick access to comprehensive information is the key to effective business management. An integration platform is a software tool that allows you to connect and combine different systems, applications, databases, and other data sources into a single integrated system. For example, CRM, ERP, BI, application processing or document management systems. Its main goal is to ensure data exchange between them and ensure their high-quality interaction. 

Thanks to integration, companies can use their resources more efficiently, reduce risks and costs, increase productivity, and improve the convenience of working with data. 

In this article, we will look at the key capabilities of integration systems and examples of their implementation.

Key functionalities of integration systems

Integration systems are widely used in business to improve processes and increase efficiency (accounting, logistics, warehouse systems, etc.). Let's take a closer look at their key features:

Process automation

Increase efficiency
Integration systems allow you to automate routine business processes, which leads to a reduction in processing time and increases the accuracy of the results.

Reduced errors
Help to avoid errors that occur when manually entering data and processes, which can improve data accuracy and information reliability. 

Data exchange

Data integration
Integration systems allow you to easily integrate data from different sources, which facilitates the rapid exchange of information.

Synchronization of information
Thanks to integration systems, data can be automatically synchronized between different applications and services, providing consistent and up-to-date information. 

Increase efficiency for decision-making

Data analysis
Integration systems allow you to analyze data from various sources, enabling you to make informed decisions based on complete and accurate information.

Reporting and analytics
Integration systems provide tools for generating reports and analytics that help identify business trends and prospects. 

A single source of data

Shared access to information
Integration systems create shared access to data and resources, which improves communication between company employees. They also provide tools for collaboration with partners and contractors - joint work on projects, document exchange, and real-time communication.

If you want to combine different internal company systems into a single platform or your company interacts with a large number of partners, each of which has its own automation systems, then our Integration Kit tool will help you consolidate all the information into one form you need.

Integration Kit by FreshTech

This is a convenient low-code platform that has a set of tools for integrating external and internal web applications, services, accounting and other systems (ERP, CRM, BI) into a single environment. 

The system integrates data of any type, is load-resistant, compatible with various applications and services, has a clear and well-documented API, logging and versioning systems. The Integration Kit is suitable for solving any business problem: speeding up the launch of new products, increasing customer loyalty or competitiveness, attracting new partners, etc.

integration_kit.png (252 KB)

Examples of projects using Integration Kit


FinMe is a financial broker that helps users quickly get loan offers from various institutions. 

The key tasks were to implement a data exchange service with partners (financial institutions), optimize automatic request processing, and integrate with a business process management system.

As a result of the cooperation, FinMe now has the following capabilities:

  • Continuous data synchronization, including the exchange of user databases, catalogs, applications, and partners
  • The FinMe system can not only accept all incoming requests but also send them to different partners for processing. And system administrators, when a new partner appears, can configure the sending of requests to their system using the built-in API request builder
  • The server converts applications from different lead sources into a single format, which is transferred to the processing system located in the company's internal network. The closure of the data storage from access from the Internet increases the reliability of information protection

finme.png (339 KB)

Metro Cash&Carry

Metro Cash&Carry is a chain of professional wholesale stores. The main task we faced was to improve the quality of data sent by the company's customers to the document management system.

Thanks to the Integration Kit, the company now has such capabilities:

  • A unified document management system for automatic document transfer
  • Fast document processing: detection of duplicate and conflicting objects
  • Reconciliation and control of processes in the online office
  • Formation of reports for accounting

metro.png (250 KB)

If you need to automate your company's processes with the help of an integration system, leave your contacts in the form. Our manager will answer all your questions, tell you about the advantages and capabilities of the system, and create an individual offer for your project.

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