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Marketplace Kit

What is
Marketplace Kit?

Marketplace Kit - is a set of tools and options to allow you deploy your own marketplace from scratch easily.


Cheaper than developing from scratch
An option of swift deployment thanks to pre-made and well-tested features
Highest level of expertise thanks to 15 years of experience in completing projects
We take into account most of the legal aspects of marketplace functioning while building the technological process
marketplaces launched
2 months
Term of MVP deployment
Cheaper than developing from scratch

Why you need
Marketplace Kit?

We help building business processes not limiting ourselves to implementing systems

Our work is result-oriented and our experts are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and technology to achieve it

We adapt our solutions to your business working in the same team with you during the entire project

Here's what you get
with fdForge
Marketplace Kit?

  • Adaptive and cross-browser version

  • API integration with other systems

  • Search and filters for goods by given attributes

  • Built-in chats and notifications

  • Integration with vendors' catalogues

  • User profiles

  • Integration with payment systems

  • Rating module

  • Convenient system to work with orders

  • Search engine optimization

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