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Our mission - is to create an opportunity for people to do what they love and simplify their lives by using modern IT-solutions.

Fresh Mind of our team

FreshTech - is a team of people who have fresh ideas and thoughts. We are not afraid of obstacles and meet them head on, because this is where we find a source for growth and new IT-solutions.

Fresh Solutions for your tasks

FreshTech means always having fresh and up-to-date solutions for everyone who uses our services. These solutions allow us to make life easier for businesses and people involved.

Fresh Breeze for your business

FreshTech - is a fresh breath of air for those deeply invested in their craft. We help people and businesses to focus on what they want without being distracted by everyday hassle.


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We take special care to ensure every project and every person we work with gets a room to breathe and develop their ideas freely.


Company values

  • Responsibility

    We are aware of our impact on people and the planet and do everything in our power to make sure those are as positive as possible.

  • Ambition

    We are constantly improving our solutions to stay on top of the IT-market.

  • Initiative

    We believe in action. Whenever there is a possiblity to make a positive change, we are always ready to give it a fair estimate.

  • Ingenuity

    We are always on the lookout for new technologies and innovations to add to our products and improve their functionality.

  • Openness

    Honesty and sincerity in all communications ensures we are always in tune with our customers and the market.

  • Humanity

    Our focus is people and we dedicate our work to making their lives better.

  • Good vibes

    Our teamwork and communication is based on the atmosphere of creativity and mutual respect.

Join our team

We always welcome talented and passioned people who are ready to pursue their most ambitions goals. Contact us if you haven't found the fitting position but you really want to work with us.

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Let's streamline
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