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Features and Benefits of Deploying Projects Based on fdForge

Features and Benefits of Deploying Projects Based on fdForge

In today's world, it is hard to imagine an effective business without business process automation. Automation has become a key factor in increasing the productivity and competitiveness of companies. It helps to optimize internal processes, reduces risks and errors, and increases the accuracy and speed of tasks. 

In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of deploying projects based on the fdForge automation system.

Where do we start?

Before we take a closer look at the benefits of the fdForge system, let's find out what this system is. fdForge is a multifunctional and flexible automation system designed to implement unique, complex, customized solutions. This platform allows you to customize it to the specific needs of your business and solve problems of any complexity and scale.

Advantages of the fdForge automation system


One of the key advantages of fdForge is its versatility. Whether you need to launch a start-up, move an offline business online, or automate a certain part of your business processes, fdForge can be easily adapted to your needs. This system allows you to create solutions that fully meet the requirements of your business.


fdForge is highly flexible. It is implemented exclusively by our team of specialists, which allows you to quickly and efficiently set up the system and customize it to the current needs and desires of your business. 


Using fdForge leads to increased efficiency in all areas of your business. This system helps you save money, time, and resources as it reduces the number of human errors, speeds up business operations, and optimizes the use of company resources.


fdForge provides a wide range of modules and options, which allows you to choose the necessary ones and create an individual system. You do not need to pay for unnecessary functions - you get only what your business needs.

Technical solutions of fdForge

Open source software

All fdForge products are implemented on open source software, which is free and does not require licenses.

Documented code

The code of fdForge applications is documented, which makes it easy to understand the system and make the necessary changes.

Flexible integrations

All projects are implemented in the Vue.js client + Server API bundle, which makes it possible to connect various applications to one system.

Data security

The fdForge platform provides a high level of security and has a system of logging all actions with the ability to recover lost data.

Why do you need fdForge?

If your business or project deals with online communication with customers, tenders, external contractors, reporting, logistics, warehouse accounting, large amounts of data, or customer incentive programs, then it's time to implement an automation system like fdForge. This platform will help you optimize your workflows and take your business to a new level of efficiency.

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