System for service management ServiceForge

Focus your efforts on strategic goals, while delegating routine tasks to ServiceForge.

What does
the system offer?

Reduced operations management costs
Automated document generation
Monitoring the validity of work permits
Quality control & equipment history management


As the number of service technicians grows, there is a need for additional staff within the company to manage communication, inspect completed services, handle payments, and more.


In the ServiceForge system, processes within user accounts are automated, including a semi-automated verification feature to confirm provided services. The platform also automatically computes payment totals, requiring managers only to review the pre-generated data.

  • Service technicians profile module
  • Service technicians collaboration terms module
  • Completed services history module
  • Reporting and service acts module


  • reduced the management team from 20 to just 1 manager
  • gained the capability to expand the service technician team without incurring substantial operational costs
  • improved technician loyalty through faster interaction

Interaction scheme with service technicians within the ServiceForge system

Basic system configuration

Default modules
Roles and permissions
Dashboard and widgets
Equipment inventory
Terms of collaboration with service technicians
Permit documents
Service technician profile
Completed services list
Reporting and service acts


These are system fdForge software modules designed to offer comprehensive system control and flexible development of necessary functionality.

What is included?

A variety of system modules including editing basic site parameters, rows module, menu building module, forms module, blocks module, and more.

Simplify interaction with service technicians with ServiceForge

Extra modules

* This list is not exhaustive. If desired, it can be customized to meet the needs of your company.

Bonus program
Merch store
Educational program for specialists
Useful information
Customer service platform
Mobile app for service technicians


This module motivates service technicians to keep accurate records and boosts their loyalty by automatically awarding bonuses for meeting specific conditions (customizable to the company's needs).

What is included?

Bonus calculation algorithm (linked to product data, task completion, etc.). Bonuses accrual history Bonuses use history

Cost & terms of cooperation

Basic configuration

Includes all basic modules, along with individual configuration and installation



Additional functionality and individual development

Calculated on an individual basis


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