Integration Kit

What is
Integration Kit?

Integration Kit - is a set of tools for integrating external and internal web-apps. services, registry, and other systems (ERP, CRM, BI) into a unified environment.


2 times
saving on maintenance expenses
Creating a unified trusted data source
Decreasing risks and managing those
Simplifying the business restructuring process (M&A)
speed of data exchange between apps
less time to aquire necessary analytics
2 times
saving on maintenance expenses

Why you need
Integration Kit?

Easy integration of multiple internal systems
Resolving the issues of working with a large number of partners having different automation systems
Gain independence from needing to adjust to many systems and have an ability to consolidate all information in a convenient form

Here's what you get
with fdForge
Integration Kit?

  • Integration of all data types

  • Reliability against high loads

  • Compatibility with any programs or services

  • Work with data that is outside your company

  • Easy-to-understand and well-documented API

  • Logging and versioning system

Just 5 steps
to launch
your project


Working out the concept


Stage-by-stage development


MVP-version launch


Support during marketing activities


Development of new features

launched projects


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What are the security guarantees of the service?

Let's streamline
your operations

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Let's streamline
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Let's streamline
your operations

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