A flexible automation system fdForge

What is fdForge?

fdForge is a multifunctional and flexible automation system created to handle unique, complex, and customized solutions

Why you need fdForge?

Does your business have one of the following? Maybe more than one? Then you definitely need fdForge!

  • 01

    Outter counteragents

  • 02

    Inquiry processing from clients and partners

  • 03

    Motivational/referral programs

  • 04

    Online communication with clients

  • 05


  • 06

    Warehouse management

  • 07

    Document flow

  • 08

    Tenders and auctions

  • 09

    Large amounts of client-related data

Business value

  • Time and value of the project

    4 times cheaper than development from scratch. Deploying MVP in 2 months thanks to prepared modules and ease of integration

  • Versatility

    Startup? Transferring a business from offline? Business process automation? Choose what you need fdForge for

  • Customized solutions

    fdForge's functionality allows to solve an issue of any scale and complexity

  • Ease of use

    We achieve simplicity in using our products thanks to fdForge's flexible software

  • Convenience and safety

    Comfortable adjustment and business process management. All data is protected and stored in a single system

  • Multifunctionality

    A wide selection of modules and options to solve any problem. No more unnecessary functions - only the ones your business needs

  • Efficiency

    A significant decrease in human error, speed up of business' functioning, personnel optimization save money, time, and resources

  • Flexibility

    Our software is implemented exclusively by our team which allows for quick and efficient adjustment and customization according to your business' needs

Turnkey solutions
for quick
business automation

We have turnkey solutions of business process automation that were proven as a result of numerous completed projects. These are not one-fits-all solutions but are sets of tools that can be quickly adapted to meet specific business needs

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How is your platform different from standard CMS?

Can fdForge be purchased separately?

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What projects is fdForge best for?

What are the guarantees of project development on fdForge?

What are the terms of support?

What are the technical requirements for implementing fdForge?

How is a project launched on the fdForge platform?

Is it possible to figure out the fdForge interface without help?

What are the security guarantees of the service?

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Let's streamline
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Let's streamline
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