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From idea to launch of an MVP
just 2 months

What is Flutter Development?

Flutter is a flexible, open-source framework by Google for building native cross-platform applications. This technology opens up great opportunities for your business development due to its high performance and functionality

Flutter App
Development Services

Development of Business Concept and Processes
We analyze business strategies and research competitors. We define project goals and objectives, draw up an action plan and technical task
UX/UI Design of
the Mobile App
We create applications with intuitive and aesthetic interfaces to provide a seamless user experience
Software Application Development on Flutter
With Flutter technology, we simultaneously create solutions for iOS and Android and publish full-fledged applications to the stores

Full System
Development with
Spiro and Mobile Kit

We implement unique customized solutions both on the basis of your back-end and our low-code platform Spiro. To quickly build the front-end of the application, we use our own Mobile Kit solution.

  • Back-end control of application processes
  • Integration with Sign in with Google, AppleID, Facebook
  • Integration with In-app purchase out of the box
  • Working with PUSH-notifications out of the box

The Benefits of Flutter Development with FreshTech

  • Fast Project Launch

    Flutter is a fast and functional tool to bring your ideas to life. The technology allows you to develop iOS and Android apps simultaneously and reduces the time to launch a project

  • Perfect for Start-ups

    Flutter development allows you to quickly deploy an MVP version and test hypotheses. Efficiency of technology and single code contribute to a quick start of your project

  • Saving Development Budget

    Flutter uses a single code base for two mobile platforms. Cross-platform development requires half as many specialists, which significantly reduces project costs and optimizes resources

  • Simplified Support

    The same code for iOS and Android makes it easy to implement changes and updates. We develop on Flutter for Windows, Ubuntu, and MacOS and take advantage of all the benefits of Flutter for each system

Bring Your Ideas to Life

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We Build Flutter Apps for Most Industries

Real estate

Mobile App
Development Process


Analysis and working out of the concept


UX/UI design of an application


Stage-by-stage development and QA testing


MVP-version launch


Development of new features

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