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Flexible Low-code Automation Platform Spiro

MVP launch with ready-made modules

in 2 months

Lower price compared to developing from scratch


Reduction of business operating costs


What is Spiro?

Spiro is a multifunctional and flexible automation system created to implement unique, complex, customized solutions. It has a modular architecture that integrates your company's business processes into a single comprehensive platform

MVP launch with ready-made modules

in 2 months

Lower price compared to developing from scratch


Reduction of business operating costs


We are trusted by large companies and startups

Spiro architecture

With 16+ years of experience, we have developed a software package that contains functional components for automating business processes in various fields. These are not boxed solutions, but a well-tested set of ready-made tools that we can easily and quickly adapt to your unique business requirements

Low-code platform for automation of custom operations and data consolidation into a single system through third-party app integrations
Flexible modules for process automation
Operator's panel
API services with documentation
Secure database
The main logic of the project
Integration with other systems
Web Kit
The project framework, which forms the basis for web development, is quick to deploy, easy to supplement and customize
Websites and user account
SSR or SPA implementation
Flexible customization out of the box
Well-tested functionality
Mobile Kit
Our own solution to quickly build the front-end of the application, which can be easily scaled as the business grows
Fast deployment
Customization for your needs
Process control from the back end
Offline mode of operation
Detailed analytics about users
PUSH notifications out of the box
Third-party apps
Accounting systems
Warehouse systems
Payment systems

Benefits of automation with theSpiro system

A wide range of modules and options tailored to meet unique business needs

Minimization of human errors due to the automation of business processes

Reduction of company expenses through efficient use of resources

Secure storage of confidential information in a centralized database

Find out more about the benefits and technical capabilities of Spiro

Custom solutions built on Spiro

Business Digitalization
Startups Launching

Grow your business with Spiro

FinTech & Banking
Financial Software, Digital Banking, PMP, CRM, Traffic Generation and Tracking Systems, Mobile Apps
ERP, PRM, WMS, DMS, MES, SCM, Custom Build Automation Software, Business Intelligence Solutions
Real Estate
PMS, MLS, CRM, DMS, IMS, Brokerage Software, Property Valuation Tools, Real Estate Web and Mobile Apps
eCommerce Platforms, Retail Management Software, CRM, POS, Payment Processing Tools
Medical Data Management, Telemedicine, Remote Patient Care, Health Tracking and Wellness Apps
Insurance Product Builder Software, Online Application System, Customer Portal, API Integration Services
Web and Mobile Applications MVP Development from the Concept to the Market-Ready Product
Advertising & Marketing
Traffic Tracking Systems, API Service Builder for Lead Registration, Advertising Partner Dashboard

Bring your ideas to life

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Spiro: release updates

Spiro tech stack

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