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Automating Partner Interaction: Best Practices to Streamline Communication

Automating Partner Interaction: Best Practices to Streamline Communication

During the scaling process, one of the primary entrepreneurs` concerns is interaction with all of their partners. When working with companies` representatives, it's essential to keep communication at a high standard, provide them with information about products and processes on time, as well as organize all the reports. Typically, all of these processes are carried out manually, resulting in prolonged data exchange, errors, and delays.

For a rising business, it's crucial to prioritize efficiency and timeliness in all operations. That is why entrepreneurs implement various automation systems. In this article, we'll discuss popular solutions and provide a detailed overview of one of the best communication automation systems.

Tools for automating partner interaction 

Large business entrepreneurs are often the ones who prioritize optimization the most, but these solutions are also beneficial for small business owners. They assist in organizing and simplifying work, managing partnership systems, and scaling projects.

PRM tools (104 KB)

There are numerous options for automating interaction with partners, which differ in terms of implementation complexity:

  • setting up your own automation system using tools like CRMs, instant messengers, and social networks;
  • establishing a uniform standard for document management;
  • using a range of ready-made solutions;
  • developing a customized system that caters to your requirements, enables automation of all the processes, and offers unrestricted scalability.

The last interaction automation solution is the one we want to discuss in detail.

PRM is the most convenient tool for building and maintaining partner relationships

Implementation of modern IT solutions is the best option for business growth. Entrepreneurs, teams, and contractors can simplify their work processes by utilizing tools such as artificial intelligence, CRM systems, proprietary software, and limited access applications. PRM is also one of the tools for simplifying work processes. Let's take a closer look at the purpose and functionality of the system.

The concept of a PRM system

PRM system is a software designed to assist with partner information collection and storage, data sharing, sales and marketing adjustment, report generation, and other related tasks. It is comprised of a front office, back office, data warehouse, and analytical subsystem.

Partner relation management software is beneficial across all industries and sectors. Take a look at these examples:

  • You are a bank cooperating with developers and currently managing your partner relationships manually. To get information about a loan, a real estate sales manager has to call your employee, explain the situation, and wait for the response. End-customer service is tedious and time-consuming.
  • You're a large company, either offline or online. Your representatives work in a range of cities and countries. To manage the network, you need a centralized system that will enable each partner to access and conduct their activities efficiently. At the same time, you will be able to instantly analyze the overall relations development dynamics.
  • You work in the service sector. You have a lot of counterparties and want to provide them with up-to-date information on available inventory, requests, market conditions, etc., in real time. To streamline communication with your team and avoid repetitive information exchange, we suggest automating all these processes by implementing a PRM system.

You can start using a tool for partner marketing, sales, and general communication at any business growth stage. Some businesses implement such tools from the outset, as they establish a partnership system at once. Meanwhile, others are developing gradually and coming to the need of enhancing partnership interaction quality only in 5-10-15 years.

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PRM system: Benefits and Drawbacks

Like any solution, PRM software has its pros and cons. First, let's discover how the system simplifies business operations:

  • It helps you gather data efficiently in a centralized location and quickly share it.
  • It also provides complete control over agents' activities to enhance operational efficiency.
  • It simplifies the generation of statistics for process analysis and displays all the information on the admin dashboard.
  • Each agent is granted a personal account that is accessed by a unique username and password.
  • Additional motivation for partners can be easily implemented.
  • The system minimizes the human factor and reduces the likelihood of errors.

When implementing a new solution, you can face the following drawbacks: extra expenses, partners` lack of motivation to master a new tool, and potential difficulties in the learning process. At the initial stages, you will need to take time to input all the necessary information into the system to ensure the seamlessness of future processes. Eventually, these minor inconveniences are leveled, and the tool becomes beneficial for all involved parties.

PRM KIT based on fdForge platform

PRM KIT, a partner network management system, is a proprietary development by FreshTech's team of experts. The key benefit of our system is the extensive database of pre-built solutions that have been rigorously tested for functionality, quality, and usability. We provide customized modules for each business, tailored to their specific needs. With this approach, we can deploy the MVP in just 2 months instead of the 6 months it would take to build a system from scratch.

The tool is developed on the basis of low code platform fdForge. Partners do not need to have technical or additional knowledge to use the system. It`s intuitive and accessible to everyone. After the software is developed, our team of experts offers personalized training sessions and that is why the system implementation is seamless. 

PRM KIT system features

Modern PRM KIT opens up the following opportunities for entrepreneurs:

  •     Configuring logging and data versioning system.
  •     Loyalty program automation.
  •     Using different communication channels.
  •     Setting up different communication channels.
  •     Personalized terms of cooperation.
  •     Digital document flow management.

The last-mentioned feature has been implemented by our team for Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine LLC's network of professional wholesale stores. The key request of our client was to improve the accuracy and reliability of the data received from their customers and integrated into the document management system.

With the help of PRM tools, the company now leverages the following features:

  • Receiving documentation, conducting accuracy checks, and producing standardized documents.
  • Quick document processing, identifying duplicate content and conflicting items.
  • Online accounts designed for employee ease-of-use, allowing them to track and oversee all the processes.
  • Integrated document management system, which automatically sends confirmed by the purchasing specialist papers.
  • Report generating which facilitates accounting purposes.

As of today, Metro Ukraine is automatically managing 23 wholesale trade centers and 3 smart stores, swiftly receiving documents from all partners, generating receipts, and producing monthly and annual reports. 

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Benefits of using the PRM KIT

 Time is the most crucial factor when evaluating the effectiveness of cooperation in today's world. Customers expect quick and high-quality service, which requires properly set up and smoothly functioning business processes. This is why we suggest implementing a partnership management system. In terms of advantages, we have narrowed down four major ones that we will further explore in greater detail.

Partner Database Centralization

When all information related to agents or franchisees is stored in a single location, it streamlines the workflow for all involved parties. The system's functionality is inclusive of all partners, not just the primary business. This makes cooperation effective and efficient.

Our team of PRM KIT experts developed such a system for the Viessmann Group. A German company producing heating, cooling, and industrial systems for various buildings and structures needed to rearrange and automate their contractor management process, as well as minimize human factor errors.

To reach our objectives, we automated incentive programs, established control over document flow and partner certification, as well as minimized operational expenses. 

The collaboration has resulted in the following features for Viessmann:

  • A mobile portal that allows technicians to easily upload photos of their work and get confirmation automatically.
  • Each engineer has access to individual statistics and a loyalty program.
  • The service has a dual purpose, catering to both partners and end customers.

Viessmann_project.jpg (77 KB)

Joint projects and tasks management

When multiple people are working on a project and they are interdependent, it is more efficient to keep all information centralized. That is where our partner management software PRM KIT comes in, providing the necessary assistance. It enables partners located in different parts of the country or the world to access the same information.

Sales and payments tracking

As your company expands and seeks new partnerships for growth, process automation becomes a necessity. For example, you need to understand which franchisee has the best impact on the business in order to create a loyalty program for them. Conversely, it`s also crucial to determine which branch is hindering business growth, and increasing costs while not generating any profit.

Setting up the reporting and analytics system

Analytics is an essential component of any business operation. Failing to regularly conduct analytics work can gradually lead a company to operate at a loss and eventually cease to exist. If a company has partners, it's crucial to perform analytics collaboratively and examine all processes holistically and individually.

Does your business need a PRM?

PRM is a system designed for businesses and allows them to bring together all their partners and create a unified workspace. The fdForge platform is a multifunctional solution that includes a CMS, CRM, business process management tools, data storage, and processing features, a task manager, and web project management tools of any complexity.

Wondering if PRM KIT is the right fit for your business? Leave your contact details in the form and we'll get in touch. Our manager will answer all your questions, provide information on the advantages and functionality of the system, and create a customized offer tailored specifically to your project.

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