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Metro Cash&Carry

Metro Cash&Carry
PRM System

METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine LLC is a network of professional wholesale stores based on the principles of self-service in Europe, Asia and Africa, is part of the METRO group. More than 90% of the products presented in METRO wholesale stores are purchased from national suppliers and manufacturers.

Missions we accomplished

The main purpose of this system was to improve the quality of data sent by the company's buyers to the document management system.


  • Obtaining data on new documents, their verification and modification to a common format
  • Document processing - search for duplicates and conflicting objects
  • Development of a cabinet of a procurement specialist as the main tool for reconciliation and control
  • Integration with the document management system - transfer of documents confirmed by a procurement specialist
  • Creation of the reporting file for the accountant

Implemented solutions

Solutions that have been used to achieve business goals and requirements on this project are following:

  • Personal User Cabinets : There are two types of users for which personal accounts have been provided with a well-thought-out UX for a specific role and functionality: Customer and Manager
  • Verification and display of received documents : All document fields received by the system are first checked for compliance with the basic criteria, then they are displayed to unify formatting, and then formed as an XML file for further transmission to the document management system. </ li >
  • Duplicate and Conflict Detection : This is one of the most important and large modules of the procurement control system. There are many parameters by which the system determines the status of the received document. If it is determined that the document duplicates or conflicts with other documents for a certain combination of parameters, it is marked with the appropriate status and displayed to the buyer for further analysis.
  • Generating a Report File : Employees of the company's finance department should be able to create a report on all purchases confirmed in EDI. To do this, in their control panel, they have the ability to select all documents with the status "Verified in EDI", create a report in the specified format and download it.

Technologies applied


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