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Viessmann Group
PRM System

Viessmann is a German company producing heating, cooling and industrial systems for various types of buildings and structures.

Missions we accomplished

The purpose of the project is to streamline and automate the process of working with contractors, reduce the number of errors due to the human factor.


  • Automation of the motivation program system
  • Document flow control and certification of partners
  • Reduce operating costs for Viessmann

Implemented solutions

After a detailed analysis of the current settlement process with Viesmann contractors, we visualized the current business processes in the form of bpmn charts and suggested ways to optimize them by implementing an automation system.

  • Improved usability of the portal : The main emphasis in the development of this platform was on the ease of use of the personal cabinet from a mobile device, which is related to the peculiarities of this business – installation of gas equipment. At the same time, all data stored in the personal account should be downloaded quickly in the conditions of a slow Internet.
  • Personal profiles for users with different roles : The structure of the personal account in this project is characterized by multilevel architecture and high variability depending on many factors - type of partner, tax system, his role in the system
  • Certification and Licensing Accounting System : Viesmann web platfom is designed to help not only Viesmann contractors but also consumers of its products. Online, each end user can verify the validity of the license and certification of engineers and installed equipment, which increases the level of trust to the company.
  • Statistics Toolbar : In the personal account, engineers are provided with statistics of their activities under the loyalty program. Pie charts, key indicators, cash balance and bonus funds - all this is displayed on the toolbar. The toolbar is also a great place to keep track of current events, news and important notifications.
  • Increased the value of the portal for managers : Previously, the loyalty program required the manager to work simultaneously with multiple data sources in different formats. Accounting, processing and analysis of data required manual work. This meant combining databases of operations, equipment, contractors, spare parts, inventory, and passports of specialists in the fdForge system with the need to update, segment and analyze them.
  • Financial module : Implemented financial system, which includes settlements with counterparties for services rendered, tax calculation within each individual account, creation of bank accounts. This increased the efficiency of the company's managers.
  • Document Generation Module : We also analyzed a number of documents that are now automatically generated in the system, which minimizes the impact of the human factor on reporting. Currently, more than 10 documents and acts for accounting, administrative and corporate reporting are being formed.
  • Statistics module : The personal account of the administrator is implemented taking into consideration the maximum convenience of its users: all settlements and bonus system are displayed using the widget module of the fdForge system - graphs, charts and etc. Statistics on key performance indicators for managers are also highlighted in the toolbar.

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