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PRM System for the Manufacturing Industry: How to Optimize Cooperation with Partners

PRM System for the Manufacturing Industry: How to Optimize Cooperation with Partners

Effective cooperation with production partners determines a company's ability to adapt and grow. It allows speeding up internal processes, reducing costs, and implementing innovative solutions faster than competitors. In this article, we will look at one of such solutions, the PRM system, and the benefits of its implementation for companies in the manufacturing industry.

PRM is a system for managing relationships with distributors, resellers and other partners. It combines various functional sectors into a single comprehensive platform. PRM contains modules for managing all aspects of cooperation, from partner portals and deal registration to performance monitoring and analytics.

PRM system benefits for the manufacturing industry

Centralized access to data

PRM system ensures the unity and relevance of information about partners, their agreements and terms of cooperation. This simplifies document management, minimizes human error, and allows the company to respond quickly to market changes.

Comprehensive organization of work with partners

The system covers all aspects of cooperation with partners, from initial contact to the conclusion of transactions and further relationship management. In addition, systematization and automation of processes improves cooperation and increases overall business productivity. 

Simplified collection of statistics 

PRM functional modules provide an opportunity to quickly collect and analyze statistics on cooperation with partners. The visualization of key performance indicators on the admin panel allows you to monitor the results of partner activities, analyze trends, and identify opportunities for optimizing interaction strategies.

Individual loyalty programs

Loyalty programs allow you to tailor unique approaches to each partner based on their needs and priorities. One of the main aspects is to provide partners with personalized offers, discounts, and bonuses based on their activity. It can also include special delivery terms or promotions. At the same time, the PRM system provides not only the creation of such programs, but also the analysis and monitoring of their effectiveness.

Case: PRM system for Viessmann Group

Viessmann is a German provider of heating, cooling, and industrial equipment for various types of buildings and structures. As part of the project, our goal was to automate the process of working with contractors and reduce the number of human errors.

Based on a thorough analysis of the process of interaction with Viessmann's contractors, we visualized the current business processes in the form of BPMN diagrams and suggested ways to optimize them through the implementation of the PRM system. 

One of the tasks was to create a convenient personal account with access from mobile devices, which is related to the specifics of the business and working conditions. An important aspect here is the flexible structure of the account, which is adjusted to various factors: the legal status of the partner, his role in the system or the type of taxation, etc. 

The implementation of PRM made it possible to automate the generation of documents and reports, simplify administrative procedures, minimize errors and provide maximum convenience for users.

The flexibility of the system allows you to customize the logic and business processes individually, so it is suitable for companies of any size. The custom PRM system contains functional modules that cover various aspects of partner management: partner portals and onboarding, deal registration and lead management, performance monitoring and partner training, marketing programs and support, etc. 

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