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PRM System for the Industrial Sector: Production and Supply Chain Management

PRM System for the Industrial Sector: Production and Supply Chain Management

A PRM system simplifies partner relationship management and helps to reduce business operating costs. In this article, we will look at the key benefits of this solution for industrial enterprises and the role of PRM in optimizing logistics and production processes.

PRM is a system for managing relationships with distributors, resellers and other partners. It unites various functional sectors into a single integrated platform. PRM includes modules for managing all aspects of cooperation - from partner portals and deal registration to performance monitoring and analytics.

The role of PRM in the industrial sector

Optimizing relationships with partners

With its centralized database, the PRM system allows companies to effectively manage information about contacts, deals, and the history of interactions with partners. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of communication and simplifies the documentation process. For example, after concluding an agreement with a distributor, all the necessary documents are automatically saved in the system, which provides access to them for all interested parties at any time.

With PRM, you can also collect and analyze data on partner productivity, identify trends in cooperation, and generate reports based on various criteria. The system allows you to automate the processes of risk management, budgeting, and monitoring of joint projects. For example, PRM can help determine the optimal terms of a contract with a partner, taking into account all financial and logistical aspects.

Supply chain efficiency

Automation of ordering, planning, and inventory management processes allows you to speed up transactions and respond quickly to changes in demand. In particular, the system can automate the distribution of orders between different logistics partners, monitor delivery times, and ensure accurate fulfillment of customer contracts.

PRM also integrates with other systems, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which ensures transparency and coordination of all processes in the supply chain. This allows companies to comprehensively manage all aspects of logistics.

Production management

PRM systems allow businesses to centrally manage their production processes. This includes planning production volumes, allocating resources, and monitoring the execution of tasks at each stage of production. In addition, the company can effectively coordinate work with partners and suppliers, monitor the fulfillment of contractual terms and indicators of interaction. As a result, companies can form long-term partnerships for sustainable business development.

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Case: UNB

UNB is one of the leading private oil and gas companies in Ukraine. As part of this project, the FreshTech team created a user-friendly information platform that provides all the necessary data about the company for partners, suppliers, and potential employees. One of our tasks was to develop a web app for online auctions for the sale of oil and gas condensate.

Deploying the project on the basis of our low-code platform Spiro enabled us to create individual accounts for operators, ensure stable operation of the entire service, and provide the ability to hold several online auctions simultaneously. This helped the company to optimize sales processes and reduce administrative costs by automating business processes and document flow.

In general, PRM systems allow enterprises to increase the efficiency of supply management, reduce costs and risks, and improve overall productivity and market competitiveness.

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