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Introducing Spiro: The New Stage in fdForge Development

Introducing Spiro: The New Stage in fdForge Development

The low-code platform fdForge is our flagship product, on its basis we have been deploying custom automation systems for over 9 years, creating unique solutions for business management and launching startup projects. Here, we will talk about the transformation of fdForge and the key aspects of this system.

Dozens of releases and hundreds of projects for companies from various industries have given us the opportunity to explore the needs of modern business. All this experience we used to improve our platform and solutions based on it.

Due to the versatility of our system, we faced the issue of changing the name to one that would fully express its potential. So, today we are excited to introduce Spiro and start a new stage in the development of our product.

What is Spiro?

Spiro reflects our values of ambition, responsibility, initiative, openness, and simplicity, while at the same time providing powerful functionality, even more flexibility, and more opportunities for business growth.

The name Spiro comes from the Greek language, symbolizes inspiration and gives a fresh breath of air to your business. It encourages you to grow, create, and bring your ideas to life.

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Spiro has a modular architecture that allows you to unite the company's business processes into a single comprehensive platform. On its basis, we deploy custom management systems to meet the needs of our clients: ERP, PRM, CRM, CMMS, as well as create unique web and mobile solutions.

With ready-made modules, we can quickly deploy PoC/MVP versions of projects for both startups and established businesses. The speed of development and the flexibility of low-code platform customization enable us to reduce launch costs by 4 times. Spiro contains functional components to improve business efficiency in various industries, from finance and manufacturing to trade and healthcare.

With Spiro, it's easy to dream and implement ideas - the system's capabilities allow you to create innovative solutions, flexibly customize logic and business processes, and simplify your work and life. Would you like to know more about the functionality and deployment of Spiro-based projects? Leave your contacts in the form and our manager will reach out to you and tell you more about the platform's capabilities.

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