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Maintenance Management: Custom CMMS Functional Modules

Maintenance Management: Custom CMMS Functional Modules

Each functional module of a custom CMMS is responsible for a specific aspect of equipment and machine maintenance management. A comprehensive approach to their selection and implementation will help a company simplify internal processes, reduce costs, and increase equipment reliability. In this article, we'll take a look at the key components of a CMMS and their role in optimizing business operations.

CMMS is a software for managing the maintenance and repair of equipment, machinery, and facilities. The system optimizes the planning, execution of repair work and interaction with service providers, allows you to control company assets, manage stocks and inventory. CMMS reduces downtime, saves resources, and increases the overall productivity of the enterprise. 

Functional modules of a custom CMMS

Depending on your business needs and budget, you can choose the necessary CMMS modules to automate processes and manage maintenance efficiently. Below, we'll take a closer look at all the modules.

Inventory management

With automatic maintenance of inventory history, the module provides accurate accounting of all operations related to equipment and spare parts. With the ability to quickly view and analyze the availability of various components, inventory control becomes easier. Also, the system automatically calculates the requirements of the necessary components, which allows you to ensure the proper level of stocks and avoid redundancy.

Vendor management

This module provides convenient communication with suppliers, allows you to quickly exchange information and resolve current issues. Automatic document flow simplifies the processing of orders and transactions, and a centralized database stores all information about suppliers and the history of cooperation.

Compliance and regulatory reporting

The module is a tool for creating the documentation required to conduct audits for compliance of corporate rules with industry standards and applicable laws. The automatic reporting process allows you to effectively track and monitor compliance with regulatory requirements.

Mobile access and offline services

CMMS provides service technicians with convenient offline access to the system from any location, allowing them to efficiently fulfill orders, carry out repairs, maintain service logs, and generate reports. Once the work is completed, the data is automatically synchronized with the system, providing simultaneous access to up-to-date information for all CMMS users. 

Analytics and performance metrics

This module enables you to collect and analyze a variety of data related to work performance, maintenance time, resource consumption, etc. By visualizing this data in the form of graphs and charts on handy dashboards, the module helps to understand the current state of maintenance, identify possible problem situations, and determine ways to solve them. 

Asset management

The module provides control over the company's assets at all stages of their life cycle. It allows you to register and keep records of all material resources and monitor their condition. In addition, the analysis of the efficiency of use and assessment of the value of assets helps to make informed decisions on their improvement and optimization of company resources.

Order management

CMMS simplifies and automates all aspects of creating and processing orders, as well as validating the entered data. This helps to avoid errors and ensure the accuracy of information. The module also provides the ability to track the history of work on each device or object. This makes it possible to analyze and improve the quality and efficiency of service.

Integration with third-party services

The functional module for integrating with third-party services is aimed at creating a unified information ecosystem of the company. It allows you to combine various services and platforms into a single centralized system, providing access to up-to-date data for all departments of the company.

Thus, CMMS helps to optimize workflows, improves work and resource planning, and provides centralized and convenient access to data. Implementation of the system creates conditions for scaling and business development in the long term.

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