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Marketplaces in Various Business Sectors: from Industry to Services

Marketplaces in Various Business Sectors: from Industry to Services

Marketplaces are not just a fad, they are a new stage of economic development. They make business more accessible, faster, and more transparent for all participants. In this article, we will consider what business sectors marketplaces exist in and how to launch your own based on fdForge software.

In the modern world, the Internet has changed the way we do business. Marketplaces have become an important tool in various sectors of the economy, allowing companies from different industries to automate and simplify their operations. 

Marketplaces in industry

In industry, marketplaces are becoming central points for suppliers and buyers. They help to find the best suppliers of raw materials, equipment, and services by simplifying the search and comparison of offers on the market.

Marketplace ideas by area:

Raw materials: Find suppliers, compare prices, and buy raw materials profitably.

Equipment: Buy or rent equipment in just a few clicks.

Service and support: Find specialists for repairs or maintenance.

Marketplaces in e-commerce

Marketplaces have made e-commerce accessible to small businesses and individual sellers. Marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay provide the infrastructure for selling goods, simplifying the process for sellers and making a wider range of products available to buyers.

Ideas for marketplaces by area:

Thematic: it can be any group of goods (clothing, pet products, home goods, cosmetics, etc.)

Wide selection: a marketplace where everything is for sale - from socks to electronics. 

Marketplaces in tourism

Marketplaces for booking hotels, airline tickets, and tours allow travelers to search for and book services in a convenient and fast way. They also allow hotel and airline owners to advertise their services to attract a wider range of customers.

Marketplace ideas by area:

Hotels and apartments: Booking.com, Airbnb make finding the perfect place easy. 

Excursions and events: Plan your vacation in advance (group and individual tours, city, country, or world tours, organizing trips to concerts or other events).

Marketplaces in real estate

In the real estate sector, marketplaces help buyers and sellers find each other to conclude a purchase or sale transaction. This makes the process of buying real estate more efficient and convenient.

Ideas of marketplaces by area:

Sale and Rent: Find your ideal house, apartment, or other space online. Make deals while minimizing risks.

Agents and services: Entrust the search and purchase of real estate to professionals. 

Marketplaces in services

Marketplaces are not limited to selling goods. They have also become popular for finding and providing services, such as repairs, car maintenance, training, and many others. Platforms such as TaskRabbit or Upwork help people find professionals to do the work they need.

Ideas for marketplaces by area:

Local services: Find specialists in your neighborhood (can be anything from car repairs to massages).

Online consultations:  Doctors, lawyers, coaches - everything you need in a couple of clicks.

Launching your own marketplace with fdForge

Do you dream of launching your own marketplace? Then how about the ability to deploy an MVP version in just 2 months? 

The multifunctional fdForge platform allows you to bring your idea to life, saving you time and resources. The Marketplace Kit (based on fdForge) allows you to quickly create a marketplace from scratch. You just need to decide on the topic of goods or services.

Some interesting projects:

The Joy - The first project of a unique ecosystem for consumers and providers of health and beauty services.

Agroapp - A fintech service that brings together farmers, banks, and suppliers.

Smart Remarket - An online platform that collects offers from various suppliers of goods and services for repairs.

Botkin.pro is the first telemedicine service in Ukraine.

If you are looking for new sales tools for your existing business or have an idea for a marketplace, leave your contacts in the form. Our manager will contact you and offer the best solution for your business.

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