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Smart Remarket


Smart Remarket is an online platform that collects offers from various suppliers of renovation products and services. Smart Remarket marketplace is part of a large infrastructure of BI Group projects - the largest investment and construction holding in Kazakhstan

Missions we accomplished

The main idea of the service is to turn repairs from a complex, time-consuming and difficult to understand process into a comfortable, enjoyable and fun activity.


  • Creation of a large product catalog with clear categorization;
  • Development of a customer-friendly search and filtering system;
  • Implementation of a unique bonus system based on each purchase cashback;
  • Creation of a personal account to control the status of each order, tracking cashback turnover, and setting up payment cards;
  • Connecting and setting up a payment system for payments directly on the platform.

Implemented solutions

Functional modules and technological solutions designed for efficient operation of the Smart Remarket platform:

  • Multilevel menu, search and filter system : Due to the structuring of the multilevel menu by categories and subcategories of products, the user has the ability to easily and quickly find the items of interest. A convenient search system with cues is an additional advantage of the platform. The advanced filter system not only takes into account product categorization, but also displays other parameters to increase the probability of offering the customer the product most relevant to his request.
  • Product catalog : The branching structure of the Marketplace product catalog is implemented in such a way that allows you to take into account the specifics of each category. The list of products is formed based on the parameters inherent to each of them, regardless of their category. At the same time the list of details of each product can vary significantly. This allows system administrators and managers to easily add and edit products and their detailed descriptions, as well as flexibly configure additional parameters.
  • Bonus program : A unique selling proposition of the Smart Remarket platform is the bonus system, based on the each purchase cashback, allowing to partially or fully pay for new orders with accumulated bonuses. In the personal account users have the ability to track all their financial transactions, including seeing detailed information on the incoming and withdrawal of cashback with the ability to filter it by period.
  • Personal account : A personal account is a digital space of interaction between a registered user and the service, which conveniently displays the user's personal data, order history, connected payment cards, as well as the status of the bonus account.
  • Adaptive version : Considering the fact that about 72% of users visit the site from mobile devices, and the specifics of the target audience, special attention was paid to the adaptive version of the service.

Technologies applied

Most importantly, the guys always keep up to date on the progress of the project, consult with us, warn about possible problems, even in matters that do not concern their work, but can generally affect the project. This is certainly a very valuable collaboration.
Syrymbet Iskakov, CEO Smart Remont LLP

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