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Innovative Technologies in Advertising and Marketing: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual & Augmented Reality

Innovative Technologies in Advertising and Marketing: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual & Augmented Reality

The development of complex technologies creates new opportunities for marketing and advertising. From rapid data processing to awe-inspiring content generation. In this article, we will glance at the ways of using artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and also mention some successful cases of their use.

Advertising Potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This year, to not talk about artificial intelligence, one had to live under the rock and be absolutely lazy not to use it in marketing. When we talk about artificial intelligence in marketing, there are two sides to its use. It is the campaign itself and the processing of campaign data. Let's get into more detail.

Use of AI in Marketing Creatives

We've all seen generated videos of Old Hollywood stars singing modern songs, but some have figured that this technology also can be used for advertising purposes.

Netflix generates creatives for its recommendations with the help of AI.

Based on your viewing history, the service creates artwork for the recommended series, replacing the original characters with an actor or actress from the series you already liked. The effect is 10 out of 10!

Ai-Powered Chatbots

After the success of OpenAI, generative chatbots have become a frequent feature on brands' websites and their social media DMs. They are convenient to use because they can quickly analyze the website's actual content and provide a solution. One of the most successful cases is the chatbot on Sephora, a large cosmetics marketplace.

Usually, chatbots answer clearly formulated questions and send FAQ articles. However, Sephora exceeded these expectations. Shoppers of this marketplace can send the bot a color reference and a request for a product and/or a brand, which the bot will use to find matching items from whole website catalogs faster than a manual search with filters.

AI Analysis of Marketing Campaign Data

To benefit from bots and creatives by converting potential customers into actual ones, it is critical to thoroughly study users’ behavior within the platform. Usually, it means large volumes of data, which will take forever to analyze. With the help of AI-powered data analytics tools, results will be obtained hundreds of times faster.

In return, it will allow you to swiftly move on to the next phase of the current campaign or start a new one!

Advertising With Augmented and Virtual Reality

The possibilities of augmented and virtual reality are not limited to the use of VR glasses or helmets. Different industries have been experimenting with this marketing tool for a long time and have aced designing the virtual campaign as technically accessible as possible without losing their impressiveness.

Ukrainian clothing brand Otaje used augmented reality with animation to announce the opening of a showroom, fashion house Gucci hired a virtual influencer for its new campaign, and Volvo created a VR application for test drives.

Marketing Playground in Metaverse

The augmented reality of the Metaverse creates a limitless space for unique advertising campaigns. In fact, you can pull off anything that goes beyond the laws of physics.

This branch of augmented reality opens up powerful opportunities for any industry. Here you can create an immersive environment for an advertising campaign, which allows you not only to convey certain sensations for let’s say, a computer game demo, but also to spotlight details that are difficult to find an approach to in the real world. Keeping that in mind, the global jewelry brand Bulgari premiered a new collection in the Metaverse, where visitors could see the jewelry closer than it would be possible in the physical world.


Despite thousands of already existing advertising campaigns involving innovative technologies, the possibilities of their application are ever-growing. The implementation of VR or AI in advertising and marketing is a great success, which is reflected in sales figures. That leaves space for wondering what is more to expect.

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