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The Role, Advantages, and Features of Mobile Applications in Fintech

The Role, Advantages, and Features of Mobile Applications in Fintech

A decade has passed when financial transactions required visiting bank branches or using large desktop computers. Today, this reality has changed thanks to mobile fintech apps. 

In this article, we will analyze the role, advantages, and features of mobile apps in the fintech industry.

The role of mobile fintech applications

1. Convenient interface for customers

Mobile fintech apps offer users a convenient and intuitive interface for managing their finances. They allow users to perform various operations, from transferring funds to investing in stocks, with just a few clicks.

2. Efficient asset analysis and management

Fintech apps provide users with tools to analyze and manage their finances. They can track the movement of funds, control risks, and make informed financial decisions.

3. Electronic payments and transfers

Mobile fintech applications allow users to make electronic payments and transfers to any part of the world with convenience and speed.

4. Investments and portfolio management

Apps provide access to global financial markets and allow you to invest in a variety of assets, from stocks to cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of mobile fintech applications

1. Convenience and accessibility

Apps are available 24/7, making them a great tool for people from different time zones and work schedules.

2. Reduced costs

They allow you to avoid bank fees and reduce the cost of financial services.

3. Interaction with customers

Mobile fintech applications provide communication with users through notifications and personalized recommendations.

Features of mobile fintech applications

1. Information protection

Financial applications provide a high level of security: they use encryption to reliably protect users' financial data.

2. Innovation

Fintech applications are constantly updated with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to provide users with new features and functionality.

3. Convenient user experience

Mobile apps are created with a focus on making financial services convenient and enjoyable by providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

An example of a financial service based on fdForge


Miloan.ua is an online microloan service that allows users to get a loan in just 15 minutes. 

Most users use mobile devices and don't want to wait long for a decision. Therefore, to reduce the cost of communication with customers, as well as to simplify the submission of repeated applications, a hybrid application based on Flutter was developed. It allowed iOS and Android users to receive a decision on their application in just a few clicks.

In implementing this project, the FreshTech team succeeded in:

  • Ensure a high level of performance with a large number of users 
  • Organize reliable protection against attacks 
  • Set up a system for collecting the necessary information about user actions 
  • Develop a mobile application to increase the return rate of users and reduce the cost of communication with them
  • Implement a loyalty program to increase user engagement  
  • Implement a variety of fraud prevention methods 

miloan.png (2.36 MB)

Mobile fintech apps have transformed the way we interact with finance. They provide convenience and security, making finance more accessible to everyone. 

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