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What Are Low-Code Platforms Used for and How?

What Are Low-Code Platforms Used for and How?

Low-code platforms enable development with minimal coding. They provide pre-built components, making it easier and faster to create applications and systems.

Low-code platforms have a broad spectrum of applications and significant potential. Let's take a look at popular types of development that are increasingly based on low-code platforms.

Process Automation

With the help of low-code platforms, you can design, configure, and deploy automated processes. This results in reducing manual effort and errors. What processes? Approval workflows, data entry, notifications, you name it.

Custom PRMs and CRMs: creating your own tailored PRM or CRM that will fit unique business needs concerning managing interactions, sales pipelines, contact management, tracking user engagement, document flow, etc.

Marketplaces: deploy your own marketplace from scratch easily thanks to pre-made and well-tested features: Convenient system to work with orders, Integration with vendors' catalogs and payment systems, Search and filters for goods, User profiles, Rating module, etc.

Integration platforms: you can integrate low-code platforms with various data sources and databases (external and internal web-apps. services, registry, and other systems (ERP, CRM, BI) into a unified environment. Build dashboards, generate reports, and perform data analysis without extensive coding.

Mobile App Development

From food delivery to fitness trackers, you can create a functional app in no time. Low-code platforms ease the creation of mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. 

No need for advanced coding. You can design and build mobile apps with quite a selection of pre-made blocks paired with minimal coding for additional customization.

Game Development

Speaking of apps. Game apps are too an area to play around with low-code platforms! (no pun intended).

Create unique games faster than ever with pre-built components and let your imagination go wild with code! You can build mazes, RPGs, merging, hidden object games, etc.

Tempted to try low-code development? Try fdForge - easy-to-use and flexible low-code platform, on which we can deploy any app or system for your specific request. Whether it’s an automation solution for a business or a revolutionizing startup. Get your demo and tell us what you would like to build!

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