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How to Automate Incoming Requests Management? Parfait Case Study

How to Automate Incoming Requests Management? Parfait Case Study

Businesses daily suffer from customer and revenue losses as a result of manually handling all service and product purchase requests. With hundreds or even thousands of daily inquiries, managers are unable to process them on time or may handle them improperly. What is more, they lose data, make mistakes, struggle to evaluate the quality of the requests and identify priority or irrelevant inquiries.

Business process automation and building a system of request management can assist in optimizing the efficiency of these routine tasks. Achieving this goal will be the focus of the article, as we delve into a real-life case study of one of our clients.

What is a request management system?

A request management system is software designed to collect, record, and process inquiries from potential and current clients. It aids in simplifying and improving the transparency and efficiency of request and task management within the company. This software is commonly used by employees in sales and marketing departments, as well as customer support services.

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Key features of such systems are usually the following:

  • registration automation, request coordination, and processing;
  • the ability to assign a person responsible for a request, status change, or commenting feature;
  • a unified, structured requests base with search and filtering options;
  • analytical and reporting documentation based on processed request details aimed to identify problems and enhance support service;
  • reducing the time required to process incoming inquiries;
  • establishing a well-structured system to allocate user permissions and responsibilities under the company's regulatory documents;
  • request processing monitoring;
  • multichannel functionality, which grants the ability to interact with customers through various channels, including email, customer support phone calls, and submitting requests via forms on the website or client portal;
  • enabling customers to evaluate the execution of their requests upon closure. Apart from formal support service quality criteria, considering customers' subjective satisfaction is crucial, as their decisions regarding further collaboration are often based on their emotional experience.

Now, as consumers become more demanding, the quality of customer service gains increasing importance in maintaining business competitiveness. Additionally, the request management system assists in making informed decisions, such as increasing service fees or hiring new employees.

Among the benefits of implementing a request and billing management system are the following:

  • attracting new customers and retaining them, while reducing or minimizing the loss of customers to competitors;
  • increased average transaction value, fostering repeat sales;
  • reduced service costs, particularly through enhanced internal process efficiency;
  • enhanced revenue per employee;
  • boosted business profitability.

Case study: Parfait's journey towards automating the request management system

In 2023, we were approached by a client from the USA, Parfait, a web platform that assists aspiring students in their search for a future university or college. Additionally, it provides representatives of higher education institutions with the ability to monitor and organize the work of their recruiters. The company was then unsatisfied with the complexity and lack of effectiveness in managing educational institution fairs and gathering student data. That`s why Parfait wanted to simplify these processes by creating a convenient and user-friendly mobile communication channel between students and college recruiters. So, our objectives were the following:

  • develop a cross-platform mobile application for students, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience while gathering all the necessary information for finding the best college fit;
  • create an application for college and university recruiters enabling them to engage in more proactive and personalized communication with prospective students;
  • create a system for automated interaction within student fairs.

Parfait_request_management_system.png (248 KB)

The Parfait request management system, developed by our team, offers the following capabilities:

  • Chat communication between aspiring students and recruiters following up on their first touch at the fair. Other representatives from the educational institution can also later join the chat discussions.
  • Scanning the QR code on the student's card. At the fair, recruiters can instantly access student info from their profile and create a chat with them for future discussion of details.
  • Setting up the applicant's profile, where they can specify their hobbies, achievements, and previous educational background.  This saves time when introducing themselves to a new recruiter.
  • Through a comprehensive evaluation of criteria such as location, a set of academic disciplines, and sports achievements, the system customizes university recommendations for each applicant based on their scope of interests and personal results that stand out among others.
  • Gradual profile completion. To help aspiring students begin their institution search as quickly as possible, the system initially requests only essential information, gradually gathering additional data for accurate matching with suitable institutions.
  • University profile with detailed information about a university or college. This includes data on average graduate salaries, neighborhood safety level, availability of leisure facilities, and the efficiency of the transportation system in the vicinity.
  • An independent application tailored specifically for recruiters from educational institutions working with Parfait.  It features a user-friendly recruiter profile with all the necessary functions for streamlining application processing at fairs. 

Parfait.png (309 KB)

As a result of this collaboration and the development of two apps (for aspiring students and recruiters), we have streamlined the process of connecting educational institutions with students at fairs and facilitated their subsequent communication. This has led to over 10 universities in the USA already utilizing Parfait for these purposes. With the combination of a web platform that seamlessly transfers data to CRM systems of educational institutions and a user-friendly mobile application for students, colleges can now engage with prospective students more effectively and effortlessly than ever before.

How can I implement a request management system?

Business owners seek an efficiently functioning request automation system that would minimize human error, reduce costs, and have a straightforward implementation process. FreshTech develops customized solutions to optimize business processes.

The system's crucial function is to rate the requests (scoring), taking into account purchasing power, average transaction value, and purchase frequency. As a result, managers will be able to prioritize and handle the most important requests first, while businesses can assess communication channels, identify irrelevant inquiries, and optimize expenses.

For over 15 years, we have focused on resolving non-standard problems in business automation. The request management system by FreshTech is designed for those who seek unique and convenient solutions.

Collaboration with us consists of several stages:

  • conducting a thorough analysis of your processes to identify the most efficient solution;
  • assisting you in structuring your business processes if needed;
  • developing multifunctional programs to save your time and money by integrating several different systems;
  • when the system is developed, we continuously offer ideas and new features that would contribute to business growth and increased profitability.

If you want your request management system to take your business to new heights, please leave your contact details. We will get in touch with you and schedule a convenient time for a free consultation. We will discuss your challenges and needs, analyze your workflow, and assist you in selecting solutions to enhance your business development and efficiency.

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