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Applications / Application processing system

Parfait is a set of two apps designed for students and university recruiters. They simplify the university search process for students and provide university representatives with tools to manage and improve the performance of their recruitment teams.

Missions we accomplished

The project goal was to develop a mobile application that would help universities and colleges to establish active communication with applicants, while also allowing aspiring students to find their best college match in a dating app format.

Project tasks: 

  • Developing a cross-platform application
  • Implementation of an app for college recruiters
  • Setting up an interaction automation system for student fairs
  • Creating a communication channel for students to connect with college recruiters

Our results

By adopting QR codes of applicants, we optimized the networking experience at student fairs.

We designed a system that makes profile setting up easy for students.

  • >10 : universities in the US have adopted Patfair to communicate with students.

Implemented solutions

The primary focus of the application is to be highly intuitive for students, promoting easy interaction while supplying all the vital information required for making such a significant decision.

  • Chatting with the Recruiter : Applicants can communicate directly with the recruiter they encountered at the fair through a chat feature. In the future, other representatives from the educational institution may join the discussion to address any inquiries from the applicant or vice versa.
  • Personal QR Code Scanner : During the student fair, both students and recruiters interact with a large number of individuals. To streamline the information exchange and avoid losing contact in the future, a feature of scanning the QR code from student cards has been introduced. This enables recruiters to instantly access student profile details and initiate a chat for further discussion.
  • Universiy Search Feature : Through a comprehensive evaluation of criteria such as location, a set of academic disciplines, and sports achievements, the system customizes university recommendations for each applicant based on their scope of interests and personal results that stand out among others.
  • Student Profile : Applicants can customize their profile by including their hobbies, achievements, and details about their previous educational experiences. This enables them to avoid spending time introducing themselves to new recruiters in the future.
  • Dynamic Student Questionnaire : To facilitate the applicants` prompt interaction with the app, the system initially requests only basic information to initiate the university selection process. As the interaction progresses, the system collects answers to 1-2 question more to further refine the selection of the most relevant university while also capturing all crucial details about the applicant for effective communication with recruiters in the future.
  • University Information Card : To make an informed decision about their future educational institution, prospective students can explore detailed information about all universities. This includes data on average graduate salaries, university ratings, as well as neighborhood safety level, the availability of leisure facilities, and the efficiency of the transportation system in the vicinity.
  • Recruiter Profile : A dedicated application has been developed exclusively for recruiters. They can log in to the app only if their educational institution is partnered with Parfait. Recruiters have access to all the necessary app features to efficiently use Parfait at student fairs.

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