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Miloan.ua is an online payday loan service that allows the user to get a loan on their card within 15 minutes from the start of the process. Most users use mobile devices and do not want to wait long for a decision.

Missions we accomplished

When developing a payday loan service, it is very important to maintain a balance between two opposing tasks:

  • Simplify and speed up the completion of the questionnaire for the user as much as possible;
  • Gather enough information about the user to make the right decision to approve his loan.


  • Provide a high level of performance with a large number of users
  • Organize reliable protection against attacks
  • Configure a system for collecting the necessary information about user actions
  • Develop a mobile application to increase user retention and reduce the cost of communication with users
  • Implement a loyalty program to increase user engagement
  • Implement a variety of methods to minimize fraud

Implemented solutions

An iterative approach was taken to solve all the tasks. This allowed us to launch the first version of the project fairly quickly and make changes and improvements based on the results.

  • Questionnaire development: A large number of checks are implemented directly in the user's questionnaire, which allows them to receive instant tips and examples on what information to fill in to apply for a loan.
  • "Mobile first" approach : Given the fact that more than 85% of traffic to the platform comes from mobile devices, a development approach was chosen, which primarily works out the interface of the mobile version of the application, and the PC version is adapted based on it. An important task also was to optimize all of the media materials (images / fonts and styles) to increase the performance of the platform on mobile devices.
  • Implementation of multi-server architecture : To increase the speed and resilience of the platform, we implemented multi-server structure (with hybrid implementation of microservices).
  • A/B Testing : At various stages of the application process, A/B testing was conducted. With a huge number of users it allowed us to quickly choose the optimal solution. This approach has greatly simplified the application process, removed unnecessary fields from the questionnaire (if they did not affect risk factors), and thus increase conversions.
  • Bonus and loyalty program : To increase the involvement of users in the system, a separate gamification service was implemented, in which system administrators can manually configure promotions with a pool of prizes, which require a list of certain criteria (or combinations of them) to be met - for example, the number of loans, their frequency, number of completed questionnaires, etc.
  • Mobile app : To reduce the cost of communicating with customers, as well as to simplify repeated application, a hybrid application based on Flutter was developed, which allowed iOS and Android users to get decisions on their application in just a few clicks.

Technologies applied

Since the launch of the project until today, the agency's team has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and involvement of team members in the project development process. All tasks are performed on time, the quality of services and work results meet the established criteria, the agency's specialists are constantly involved in the project and constantly participate in its development, bringing new ideas, based on project business logic and goals our company. This is very helpful in the work, because we are confident in our partner and that the project is in safe hands.
Oleksiy Vinichenko, General Director of Miloan LLC

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