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Spiro 2.16 - Release Overview

Spiro 2.16 - Release Overview

Now, working with Spiro has become even easier, as the 2.16 release introduces new interface settings. The dark theme, accessible data display, and inclusivity are the key aspects of this update. Below, we'll tell you more about all these changes in the system.

The main feature of the Spiro 2.16 release is the ability to customize and personalize the system's interface. Now, in the "Interface" section of the operator profile, you can select not only the language, time zone, and currency, but also:

  1. Choose the theme (light / dark)

  2. Select the table content size ( compact / default / large)

  3. Enable the function of opening links from system tables in new tabs

Settings.png (50 KB)

To make the Spiro system easier to use, we've implemented a dark theme, which is so often preferred by managers. The reason is that besides looking stylish, it reduces eye strain, especially in low light or during long work sessions. So, with this feature, you can customize Spiro's interface to your own needs and preferences.

Moreover, realizing that it can sometimes be difficult to spot a certain pattern in the previous month's payments at the end of the day, we've also aimed to simplify the work with big data. Table content size customization enables each operator to choose the most convenient format for display.

Each user has a different approach to data processing. Some people are comfortable seeing hundreds of records in a table at once to quickly assess the overall picture. Others carefully review each line to ensure they don't miss any important details. We've taken into account different needs, so now the Spiro interface provides maximum flexibility and convenience for all users, and is inclusive for the teams working with the platform.

Thus, release 2.16 is about personalizing the system, inclusiveness, and convenient work with big data. If you'd like to know more about the platform's functionality and capabilities, leave your contacts in the form. Our manager will contact you and tell you in detail about the deployment of projects based on Spiro.

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