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Low-code Platform Spiro: Benefits of Deploying Projects

Low-code Platform Spiro: Benefits of Deploying Projects

Spiro is a multifunctional and flexible low-code platform for business process automation. We use it to implement unique, complex, customized solutions for business and startup projects. In this article, we'll take a look at the system's architecture and describe the benefits of deploying projects on its basis.

Spiro architecture

The Spiro architecture consists of three functional components, each of which contains a well-tested set of ready-made tools and can be quickly adapted to your company's needs. We'll take a closer look at them below.

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The low-code platform Spiro includes flexible modules for process automation, an operator's office, and API services with detailed documentation. Also, its secure database guarantees the security and confidentiality of information, and the centralized project logic simplifies the management and updating of the system. Spiro can be easily integrated with third-party apps and services to create a single ecosystem for efficient business operations.

Web Kit

It is a framework for developing web solutions that ensures fast project deployment and is easy to supplement and customize. The Web Kit provides tools for building websites and user accounts, and can be used for both SSR (Server-Side Rendering) and SPA (Single Page Application). Spiro supports multilingualism and is highly customizable out of the box to adapt to different business needs. Each tool in the Web Kit has been tested to ensure reliability and efficiency in the field.

Mobile Kit

A set of tools for fast front-end development of mobile solutions with a view to future business scaling. Mobile Kit provides rapid app deployment, back-end process control, and offline operation. An important aspect is access to detailed analytics of user behavior, which allows you to optimize and adapt applications to their needs. In addition, PUSH notifications out of the box ensure effective communication with the audience without additional settings.

Benefits of deploying projects with Spiro

Wide selection of modules

Spiro provides ample opportunities for customizing the system to meet specific company requirements. A large number of modules allows you to choose only the necessary functions, thus saving resources and avoiding overloading with unnecessary options. Each module can be adjusted to specific business processes, which ensures the efficiency and accuracy of the system.

Minimizing errors

Spiro implementation enables the automation of routine business processes, which significantly reduces the risk of human error. The system automatically performs specified operations without operator intervention, which ultimately increases the company's overall productivity.

Cost reduction

Spiro helps to cut business operating costs by three times and maximize the potential of available resources. This is made possible through inventory optimization, efficient production planning, automated supply chain management, etc.

Data security

The platform provides a secure environment for storing confidential information through a centralized database and encryption mechanisms. You can customize access to Spiro sections according to the roles of operators and monitor their actions in the system. This ensures transparency of user actions and contributes to compliance with internal security policies.

The Spiro low-code platform is a comprehensive solution for automating business processes due to its advanced features and flexibility. The system provides a wide range of modules, minimizes human errors, and significantly reduces the company's operating costs. Based on Spiro, we deploy custom ERP, PRM, CRM, SMMS, web and mobile applications.

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