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12 AI Tools to Simplify Designer`s Work

12 AI Tools to Simplify Designer`s Work

The advancements in artificial intelligence present designers with groundbreaking opportunities and functionalities, empowering them to boost productivity, foster creativity, and maintain exceptional quality in their work.

Today, numerous AI-powered tools streamline the designer's workflow. These tools facilitate the creation of design concepts creation, user interface prototypes, and help adapt designs effortlessly. Additionally, they offer quick image generation and idea testing capabilities.

In this article, we will explore various AI-based tools that streamline designers` jobs.


It`s a new tool for real-time prototyping that streamlines workflows, improves teamwork efficiency, and allows for the development of interactive prototypes. It can automatically generate design layouts using simple text inputs and even scan hand-drawn sketches, instantly converting them into digital designs.


Magician is an all-in-one assistant plugin that helps with everything, from copywriting to generating custom icons from the text.


With Visily, you can quickly create designs for applications by leveraging a diverse selection of templates. Moreover, the platform lets you scan manually drawn sketches and converts them into editable designs.


Khroma is a tool that generates diverse color palettes and combinations using your selected favorite colors.


This tool will help create illustrations for websites or applications. It transforms text into images.


This tool will bring any creative concept to life, be it graphics, images, or text, while also allowing you to edit the result. It's the perfect tool for effortlessly generating unique interface designs, app icons, social media content, and more.

Auto Draw

This editor attempts to recognize your drawings and suggests replacing them with precise vector images crafted by professional artists. Its basic functionalities include drawing, color selection, adding text, working with simple geometric shapes, filling, and the ability to move, resize, and rotate images.


It is a tool for crafting branded content for banners, social media, and product cards. The service automatically removes backgrounds from uploaded product photos and provides object templates for easy composition.


Booth.ai quickly generates high-quality lifestyle photos based on the desired image examples and your product photos. You simply upload the images, provide a description to customize the visuals to your brand, and the program skillfully places the product onto individuals in the photos.


It is a platform where you can create book covers, posters, wallpapers, or any design you desire. Additionally, it offers an extensive collection of stock photos.


Clipdrop is a flexible image editing platform with an extensive range of functionalities. It provides several tools for adjusting, cropping, resizing, and personalizing uploaded photos.  Notably, ClipDrop can double the size of an image up to 10 times without significant loss of quality.


Looka helps create logos in a matter of minutes. It then uses the created logo, along with the selected colors and fonts, to produce hundreds of branded marketing materials.

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These tools can not only significantly speed up the design and prototyping processes by automating repetitive tasks but also serve as a source of inspiration in designers` daily work.

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