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What is a low-code platform, its features and business use

What is a low-code platform, its features and business use

Developing a product from scratch is a complex and costly process that requires a lot of time, money, and human resources. Involving developers, training them in new technologies, developing product architecture, testing, and debugging can sometimes take months or even years. 

However, with the help of low-code platforms, companies can significantly reduce costs and speed up product development. Instead of starting from scratch, they can use ready-made components, templates, and tools offered by the platform. This speeds up the development process, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures a quick product launch.

What is a low-code platform?

A low-code platform is a tool that simplifies the development process by allowing you to create a product with minimal programming. Instead of writing a large amount of code manually, developers can use a visual interface and ready-made components to quickly create functional applications.

These platforms are designed to simplify software development by lowering barriers for startups and businesses that want to quickly implement new software solutions. They allow developers to concentrate on the functionality and business logic of applications without spending a lot of time writing code.

Features of low-code platforms

Visual interface for creating applications

Thanks to the built-in visual interface, developers can create applications by dragging and dropping components on the canvas. This makes it easy and fast to customize user interfaces and business processes.

Minimum level of programming

One of the main advantages of low-code platforms is the ability to develop applications with a minimum level of programming. Instead of complex code structures, developers can use graphical interfaces and configuration parameters to customize application functionality.

A large library of ready-made components

Most low-code platforms provide access to a large library of ready-made components that can be used in development. This allows you to quickly implement solutions for various business needs, providing ready-made modules for working with databases, web services, and much more.

Speed and ease of development

The speed of development is the main advantage of using low-code platforms. Thanks to the visual interface and ready-made components, the company saves time and money on product development. This, in turn, allows businesses to respond more quickly to changes and market demands.

Using low-code platforms in business

Automation of business processes

Low-code platforms allow businesses to automate many repetitive and routine business processes: customer and partner relationship management, document flow, goods turnover, logistics, etc.

Development of own software solutions

With the help of low-code platforms, businesses can develop their own software solutions to solve specific problems. This allows businesses to respond quickly to changing needs and implement innovative solutions without significant programming costs.

Fast adaptation to changes

The world and technology do not stand still. The use of low-code platforms allows businesses to quickly adapt to new conditions and implement changes in accordance with the needs and requirements of the market.

fdForge software 

fdForge is a multifunctional and flexible automation system, the flagship product of FreshTech. The platform is designed to implement unique, complex and customized solutions.
More than 15 years of experience and the implementation of diverse projects have allowed us to create ready-made toolkits - Kits. They can be easily and quickly adapted to the requirements of a particular business.

Using fdForge allows businesses to significantly reduce the time and effort required to create and implement software solutions. The platform provides fast development, ease of use, and the ability to adapt to changes. In addition, fdForge supports integration with other systems to ensure data consistency and efficient business processes.

Low-code platforms open up new opportunities for the rapid development and implementation of software in business. They allow companies to automate processes, develop their own software solutions, and quickly adapt to changes, providing a competitive advantage in the market. If you have a business idea or want to automate existing processes in your company, leave your contacts in the form. Our manager will contact you and offer the best solution for your tasks.

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