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Online platform

A unique marketplace that allows streamers to find site owners, stream broadcasts on sites and attract new audiences.

Missions we accomplished

The main goal was to optimize and simplify the process of user interaction with the service.


  • Identify and optimize all business processes of the platform
  • Integrate redemption channels such as payment systems and terminals
  • Meet high security requirements

Implemented solutions

We analyzed the platform's existing business processes, created scenarios of how users interact with the service, and interviewed potential customers.

  • Usability audit : We conducted an audit of the platform on the following parameters: user-friendliness of the interface; clarity of navigation; convenience of the adaptive mobile version.
  • UX prototyping : Prototyping was necessary in order to competently and thoroughly consider the position of blocks and structural elements; organize a convenient navigation system; consider the possibilities of user interaction with the service based on the studied business processes; visualize the concept of the future platform interface.
  • Designing a personal account : A personal account is a key element of the platform, as both types of users perform most of the service operations through a personal account. Both types of personal accounts, which differ in content and functionality for the streamer and site owner, have been redesigned to best meet the user's requirements for the platform.
  • Working out the details of the interface : The interface is implemented in dark tones, this approach is most positively perceived by people from the gaming industry. The navigation mechanics are implemented according to the logic of Youtube, so that the new user immediately gets into the usual environment. The simple and intuitive interface is complemented by tooltips in the form of pop-up hints to understand all possible user actions.
  • Adaptive version development : During the audit phase of the adaptive design of the project, a number of vulnerabilities related to display on mobile devices were identified. The peculiarity of the project is that in many sections it is important to display statistics with a large number of data. Accordingly, even at the stage of UX-prototyping, we laid the design structure based on the display on different gadgets.

Technologies applied


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