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Test Version of the Product: MVP Launch for Fast Time to Market

Test Version of the Product: MVP Launch for Fast Time to Market

MVP development is based on the lean methodology, which aims to prove your hypotheses with minimal risks and costs. To validate the idea, you just need to get a test version of the project with a minimum set of functions.

In this article, we will review the process of creating an MVP,  from forming a business concept to working on the project's improvement and growth after it enters the market.

An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a test version of your project that has limited functionality required to address the specific needs of the target audience. This type of software development allows you to quickly get feedback from users and test your hypotheses.

Must-do steps before launching an MVP

Analysis and elaboration of the concept

The first stage involves an in-depth analysis and conceptualization of your product. This process includes detailed elaboration of business processes, research of the target audience, and the competitive environment. Detailed analytics help you determine how your product can solve problems or satisfy user needs, as well as identify its competitive advantages. 

Defining key functions

To determine the required functionality, you need to consider the project concept and identify the main user needs. It is crucial to take into account time and resource constraints to select only those features that are most important for solving the problems of the target audience.

Identifying success metrics

A clear definition of the metrics by which the success of the MVP will be evaluated helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project for further improvement. For example, key performance indicators can be the following: number of users, conversion, session duration, etc.

MVP development and testing

At this stage, we develop a product prototype that defines the structure and interaction of screens and the location of controls. The prototype visualizes the key aspects of the business idea and contains basic functionality for concept validation. Based on the prototype, we build the technical component of the product. Afterwards, we test the functionality to identify and eliminate errors.

Project launch

The final step in the MVP development process is to launch the product on the market, collect data, metrics, and feedback from real users. This information helps to understand the market reaction, identify opportunities for product improvement or enhance business growth strategy. 

Improvement and growth

This process includes making the necessary changes, improving functionality, optimizing the product, and planning the next versions. Comprehensive work on the further growth of the project ensures its constant evolution, adaptation to the needs of users, and success in the market.

Benefits of MVP development

  • Quick launch of a test version of the project to the market

  • Minimization of risks due to limited functionality

  • Efficient use of available resources

  • Validation of the concept and its relevance to the audience's needs

  • Collecting feedback from real users

  • Gradual improvement of the product

Thus, the development of an MVP version of the project ensures a quick launch, minimizes risks, and reduces your costs. With it, you can determine the real interest in your product and formulate requirements for its future versions. 

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