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Screenia an innovative application for efficient screenshot management

Screenia – an innovative application for efficient screenshot management

Take high-quality screenshots, edit them, add notes, and manage image access from any device seamlessly using Screenia.

Whether for work or personal use, you often need to save or share screenshots across mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Screenia is a go-to app for new games testing, discussing development issues, setting up website analytics, and simply sharing exciting screenshots with friends. Let's take a closer look at what Screenia is and how this app can change your experience with screenshots.

What is Screenia?

It is a cross-platform app for creating and editing screenshots from any device. All screenshots are stored in the cloud, which guarantees data security and makes it easy to share a link to images.

Screenia's primary goal is to simplify and speed up the development and design workflows for mobile games, Android and iOS apps, and websites. Nevertheless, the app will become a reliable assistant not only for work but also for everyone's daily life.

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Screenia Features

To enable Screenia's effective functioning, we have created a variety of useful functionalities. Let's take a closer look.

Screenshots device data

When using the Screenia system to facilitate the development process, users can save all screenshot data and share it in one click. This feature provides detailed information about the device that captured the screenshot. This speeds up communication in the team and eliminates duplication of information. This can be particularly helpful when sharing a bug report or implementing a new feature.

Screenshots quality

All users can upload SD-quality screenshots; premium account holders can use HD-quality images.

Access control 

An important function for users is the ability to save confidential data from images. Now, when working on a new game or innovative app, users will be able to share the necessary screenshots via links using an access password.

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With this feature, you can leave notes anywhere, anytime. You can leave notes via the mobile app if the user is on the go, or via the web version on their computer.

Unlimited storage

The system provides the ability to save the history of screenshots in the app or web interface for an unlimited time. Thus, you can always refer back to any screenshot created in Screenia.

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Screenshot editing

To simplify the process of editing screenshots on the mobile app and web version, users can log in to their accounts on multiple devices simultaneously and easily share a link to the image. You can also highlight important parts and blur confidential content.

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Features available for all operating systems.

Certain features may be OS-specific. In iOS, user can take a screenshot using the native function. Authorized Android users can quickly create screenshots and simultaneously copy the link by activating the corresponding buttons in their user profile settings.

Benefits of using Screenia

Based on positive feedback from over 5000 users from different countries who have already tried and are using the app in their work, the following benefits can be highlighted:

  •     Intuitive interface
  •     Cross-platform editor
  •     Storing screenshot device data
  •     Access control
  •     Single account making screenshots accessible from any device
  •     Screenshot history
  •     HD image quality
  •     Regular updates

How Screenia can be used

Screenia offers a range of options for users to use its services, such as free and premium subscriptions, as well as the ability to use the system without registration. Additionally, for corporate needs, a dedicated corporate account is also available.

Feature comparison of free and premium accounts

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For unregistered accounts, the functionality is limited to basic features such as viewing screenshots via links, taking screenshots, and sending them without saving them to the gallery.

Who will benefit from using Screenia?

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Screenia is a versatile tool that can benefit anyone, from marketing professionals, analysts, and SEO specialists, to those involved in software development like QA specialists, graphic designers, and game developers.

Screenia is all about:

  • being a great solution for manual testing that helps QA specialists reduce the time between testing and bug fixing, resulting in a more efficient development process and better overall quality for clients
  • working as a handy collaboration tool for design and development teams that enables them to identify design issues and share them quickly
  • providing high-quality screenshots, which is crucial in game development
  • a secure way to share your screenshots with colleagues by offering password-protected links, ensuring the confidentiality of your information while allowing for collaborative discussions
  • collaborative reviewing and discussing work or training materials to explore ideas together
  •  sharing funny screenshots with your teammates

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