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Swift testing of mobile games, websites, and apps with Screenia

What is Screenia?

An innovative app that simplifies design and development of mobile games and apps for Android, IOS, or websites.

With Screenia, you can manage the cross-platform performance of your design. Make screenshots in HD, add commentaries, and share them with your development team in seconds.

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Advantages of Screenia

  • Intuitively simple interface

    Screenia offer simple interface for editing screenshots. Use this app on any device, any time

  • Crossplatform editor

    Screenia's main purpose is to simplify and speed up the development of games and apps on different platforms

  • Metadata storage

    Our metadata storage function will make development process of any apps easier

  • Access control

    Screenia provides an option of password protection for screenshots. You can be sure that only those necessary can access those

  • Regular updates

    We are constantly updating Screenia and implement new functionality to make your development easier.

  • Multidevice work

    Use a single Screenia account to gain access from any device. You can make a screenshot on your phote and edit it on your laptop.

  • Unlimited storage

    Keep all history of your screenshot for an unlimited time in an app or web interface

  • HD quality

    High quality screeshots will allow you to pay attention to smallest details on a picture

Who is it useful for?

Screenia is an innovative approach to manual mobile testing of software, websites, and games. Nothing can replace a live screen , we're simply making it easier.
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    QA engineers

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    Marketing specialists

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    Graphic designers

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    Game developers

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    QA Leads

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Customers' feedback

The time between testing and fixing bugs has been halved. Thanks to this, the development efficiency for clients has improved.
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Denys Shenuatskiy

QA Lead, Miloan

When we started to use Screenia – we reduced time spent on mobile QA by 2 times.
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Johana Ungryd

QA Lead, Zoomies App


Routine work with screenshots can be comfortable. Screenia is an excellent solution for manual mobile testing.

Manual testing on mobile devices is a thankless job. You need to do a lot of tricks to upload the edited screenshot in the task manager. With Screenia I can do it in a few taps.

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Den Shelby

QA, Freelance

It is really useful to have real quality screenshots to work with - I can share screens and highlight even minor artifacts on them.
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Oleksii Rusalov

Chaos Division

I use screenia to share game screens with colleagues when discussing what to change. We like the fact that all of the links are password protected so noone else can get game highlights before we publish them.
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Matias Jurisich

Concept Artist, Wasteworks

Our team uses screenia to highlight issues on designs that were implemented by development team - there are always some minor differences and we easily show them.
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Dmytro Cheveliov

Art Director, FreshTech

Our team uses Screenia for fast interaction between dev team and design team - developers make screens and share them with me so that I can provide feedback and add comments in dev process.
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Inna Zhoholko

UI Specialist, FreshTech

I use Screenia to share screens in my studying process with teammates - we just share studying materials and some fun stuff.
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Oleh Struzhuk

Student, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

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