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Auction platform

UNB is a private gas company that implements best practices in drilling wells in Ukraine

Missions we accomplished

Our goal was to develop the UNB corporate website, which provides, among other things, services for online trade of oil, gas and gas condensate.


  • Develop an application for online auctions for the sale of oil and gas condensate, which will automate and simplify communication with partners
  • Create a user-friendly info platform that provides all the necessary information about the company for partners, suppliers and potential employees

Implemented solutions

The solution to achieve all the set goals was the fdForge project management system, which allowed to create individual offices for operators, as well as to ensure the stable operation of the entire service.

  • Holding several auctions at the same time : Auctions are held regularly, and sometimes several auctions at the same time. Said so, the functionality of operational monitoring of the status of each of the auctions and operational response was crucial. This requirement has been met thanks to the capabilities of the fdForge project management system
  • Social responsibility : UNB is actively involved in helping rural communities of Krasnokutsk district of Kharkiv region: repairs roads, schools, orphanages, hospitals and more. To show all the actions and activities, we have developed an interactive map that clearly shows how company helped.
  • Ecology : The company cares about the environment, monitors compliance with environmental standards, analyzes the impact of activities on the environment and carefully uses resources.
  • Information component : To solve the problem of communication with partners, potential employees and suppliers, we, together with the UNB team, developed a concept of the plot, based on highlighting the main accents and values important to the UNB: labor protection; disclosure of information; company history; career.

Technologies applied


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