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Launching a project with fdForge

Launching a project with fdForge

Find out how to optimize project development process with our preset of tools

To optimize and manage business processes, companies implement special tools - various multifunctional platforms.

When a business decides to build a website or mobile application, it usually engages other contractors to develop and integrate the application with the existing backend platform.

This approach is often accompanied by many errors and problems due to the fact that the developers are not familiar with the server platform (backend). And to integrate software solutions, you need to understand its functionality well. As a result, the project implementation period increases because it takes more time to adapt and develop the application from scratch.

Our fdForge platform has a flexible system of integration with web and mobile applications and includes three components:

  • fdForge
  • fdForge Web Kit
  • fdForge Mobile Kit

fdForge is a business automation system. And fdForge Web Kit and Mobile Kit are ready-made sets of working functionality "out of the box" for web and mobile applications that can be immediately configured from the fdForge admin system.

fdForge kits example

Thus, everything can be reconfigured directly in the admin panel and You can be sure of the stable operation of all three components. This way we can launch MVP in a short period of time or for example, launch a website first and then add a mobile application quickly.

As a result of this approach, a number of advantages can be distinguished:

  • Budget savings due to the reduction of project automation costs;
  • Reduction of time for development of new projects;
  • Accelerating the launch of the MVP version of the project;
  • Rapid idea testing and quick improvements and adjustments;
  • Simplification of interaction thanks to the fact that only one team is working on the whole project;
  • Reducing the number of errors in the integration and configuration of applications;
  • Setting up all business processes in one system;
  • Increasing the flexibility and adaptation of existing projects;
  • Performance increase due to the mutual optimization of components;
  • Platform stability;

fdForge advantages

Out-of-the-box functionality is available for fdForge Web Kit and Mobile Kit and includes:

  • Customer sign up / sign in;
  • Multilingualism and interface adjustments; 
  • Content pages and screens management;
  • Form designer with triggers;
  • PUSH and other notifications setup;
  • Customer profile editing;
  • Blog and news feed functionality;

Let's take a closer look at some of them:

Customer sign up and sign in

Authorization is available through social networks, Google, Apple ID, according to the specified forms; password recovery.

The registration process for different types of users can be quickly modified by adding new fields or disabling a certain part of them.

Multilingualism and interface adjustments 

Multilingualism helps to localize the user interface and ensure that the system is translated into a specific language that are business-required. At the same time the platform has special auto-language detection rules for both web and mobile apps.

Form designer with triggers

Trigger events help to automate processes based on the submission of site or app forms, with the option of choosing an action when the trigger occurs: sending a request to some outer platform or notifying a user about a new request. Or even both at the same time.

Customer profile editing

Platform administrators can set up property list for all of customer types on the project and can set up a profile editing form for every one of them. This way if You need to gather some new extra data about Your clients You can add a new property to their card and ask Your users to fill it in.

Blog and news feed

Content management systems gives fdForge admins an opportunity to easily manage content for both platforms - website and mobile app, set top posts, work with users comments and feedback. 

site and app

When developing a project, we save the client's time, because we only change the appearance and add the functionality that is special and important from the point of view of a specific business.

Thus, thanks to fdForge's comprehensive approach, we not only simplify and shorten project launch times, but also increase the reliability of the application in long term.

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