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fdForge Release notes 2.2.0 / 2.3.0

fdForge Release notes 2.2.0 / 2.3.0

Recently, we have been actively working on improving our fdForge platform and during September-October, we made two huge updates.

These releases are aimed at further simplification of work with the system and, at the same time, providing additional information about events on the platform.

So what's new in these two releases?

Visualization of data on the map

A new type of data display - locations on the map, allows administrators to build large-scale reports on the geography of their users. Here are just a few examples of how map visualization can be used:

  • Track the location geography of your users;
  • See places with the most orders on the platform;
  • Monitor the network of distributors and understand areas with a low level of company representation.

Of course, each of the maps depends on the logic of a specific project, and administrators can add new visualizations directly to the system themselves.

Map</p >

New simplified navigation

We are constantly collecting feedback from our customers and make improvements to our system. And what we've done now is pretty much overhauled the navigation for fdForge admins. Now it's even easier to work with users and transactions in the system, configure access rights.

struct.png (21 KB)

Form processing improvements

We have developed the flexibility to configure access rights to user forms and requests on the platform.

Form creation

Usually administrators who are responsible for creating forms and those who work with their results are different specialists. That's why we've made a separate section where platform administrators can create new forms using the full set of fdForge build-in elements and modify them in the future to improve conversion.

forms.png (13 KB)

Working with results

For specialists who process the results of filled forms, we have implemented a more flexible access branching scheme. Now each specialist can access only those forms with which he must work according to the business processes of the platform and he won't be able to see everything else. This significantly increases the level of system security and simplifies the interface for users.

access.png (8 KB)

Users account

User contact verification and password change are two new processes that are included in the basic list of fdForge modules.

Both during verification and when changing the password, the administrator can choose the basic communication channels (sms / email / messengers), as well as configure the communication template for starting the process. This step is another one in the direction of speeding up the development of new projects and increasing the flexibility of existing projects and their adaptation to new communication channels.

user-profile.png (13 KB)

Working with documents

Now the list of documents can be added to any entity on the project. This simplifies work with the system for administrators, because now the entire document catalog is immediately in front of their eyes.

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