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fdForge 2.11 and 2.12 Release Overview

fdForge 2.11 and 2.12 – Release Overview

Recently, we've made two releases of our fdForge platform - 2.11 and 2.12. The main changes in the new versions of the system were aimed at redesigning the interface and improving the user experience. We'll tell you more about the new look of fdForge, a convenient navigation menu and an optimized entity creation process below.

The concept of the new design

The new design aims to optimize the user experience and increase the functionality of the system. The light and easy-to-use interface in this release highlights the key elements of the page and simplifies interaction with the platform. The overall appearance has become more structured with unified UI components, updated forms and more convenient block placement.

1_log_in.png (76 KB)

Navigation menu

In the updated navigation menu, we've made a number of changes to improve the user experience. We've changed the structure of the drop-down menu, which allows you to quickly select the desired section in each workspace.

You can expand the menu with an arrow and pin it open. On larger screens, this allows you to see which menu section you are in.

2_Sidebar.png (139 KB)

Menu structure

We've changed the structure of the side menu and made it twice as narrow as in previous versions. This brings more convenience to the user experience by saving space on small screens.


Menu sections feature a new look and different switching mechanics. The identification of workspaces and icons by color allows you to determine whether a subdivision belongs to a particular menu section.

Notifications and language selection

We've added notifications for the administrator and switching the interface language to the user menu. This way, we've simplified access to these options and made them more visible.


We've changed the way this menu item and the screen for adding chapters to your favorites are displayed. Now you can easily select, delete, add and drag the items you need.

Search for the menu items

In this release, we've added Search for menu items by section and subsection. It helps you quickly navigate and find the functionality you need within the four workspaces. Also, for your convenience, the names of the sections you have recently viewed are displayed below the search bar.

3_Search.png (65 KB)

Dashboards and widgets

Now all the metrics you need are collected in a handy dashboard format. With updated widgets, you can easily track key performance indicators of your business. Information has become even more accessible with graphical elements, charts, and pop-up windows. You can add the widgets you need, customize them flexibly, and monitor areas of activity according to your needs.

4_Dashboard.png (183 KB)

Creating entities

The process of creating entities is now one step shorter and more clear and visually accessible. Now, when you create an entity, a pop-up window appears so you can immediately select the user type without having to reload the page.

Forms and accents

As part of these releases, we've changed the way forms are displayed. Previously, forms were placed on the left, now they are centered on the screen. If you pin the menu, the form will remain in the center and adapt to the screen size.

We've changed the placement of buttons in forms, highlighted certain components, combined some blocks and reorganized fields.

Moreover, we've transformed modal messages into pop-up windows. Previously, confirmation, cancel and selection notifications were displayed on the right side, but now they are centered.

5_Modal.png (136 KB)

Tables, tabs, filters

We've changed the look of the tables, updated the display of filters, their selection and placement. Filters have become more compact, as they are now placed in two rows. We've added a horizontal scroll and changed the location of tabs. Interacting with tables is now easier and the content is more visually appealing.

6_Modal.png (290 KB)

Hover interaction menu

View, edit and delete options now appear when you hover over a row. In previous releases, these buttons were fixed. This change adds more space on small screens and makes it easier to read information when working with large tables.

Actions for multi-select

Previously, the selection of actions was located below the table, which could be inconvenient for long lists. Now, when you select multiple values, a pop-up with possible actions (reindexing, delete) appears. This greatly simplifies interaction and speeds up the work.

Grouping for the action log

We've added a grouping option to the Activity Log section. This made it easier to find specific events and information about activities in the system.

Releases 2.11 and 2.12 introduce a new design, improved user experience and easier navigation. We've implemented all of these changes to make it easy and convenient for fdForge operators to work with and navigate the system.

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