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TOP-5 podcasts about AI technologies, machine learning and startups

TOP-5 podcasts about AI technologies, machine learning and startups

Today, you can get lost among the many podcasts on Spotify and other streaming platforms. That's why we've created a selection from the FreshTech team that will surely appeal to everyone involved in IT.

In Machines we trust  

Episodes about facial recognition, the future of voice assistants, and the use of AI in hiring. The podcast host Jennifer Strong invites experts to discuss all possible aspects of AI use and existence. 

The Twenty Minute VC  

Harry Stebbings regularly invites leading experts from top tech companies such as Meta, Uber, Ring, Canva to talk about their challenges and venture capital industry news.


Each episode of this podcast is a half-hour guide to the components of a startup. You can learn about everything: idea validation, roadmaps, MVPs, business strategies, etc.

'The Future of Everything' by The Wall Street Journal

 How are algorithms conquering the world and should we fight it? How will navigation applications change in the future? Here you will find ideas and trends that will determine the vector of the global economy in the future.

Eye on AI  

New York Times correspondent Craig Smith invites experts and collects insights and opinions on the future direction of the industry. Here, you can listen to a conversation with Open.AI representatives or an astrophysicist from Harvard who created virtual copies of black holes using AI.

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