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Business Digitalization: Solutions Based on the Spiro Low-Code Platform

Business Digitalization: Solutions Based on the Spiro Low-Code Platform

Digitalization is the process of implementing digital technologies to automate business processes, reduce operating costs, and increase company productivity. In this article, we'll talk about the capabilities of our low-code platform Spiro for efficient resource management, maintenance, customer and partner relationships.

Spiro is a multifunctional and flexible low-code platform built to implement unique, complex, customized solutions. It has a modular architecture that allows you to combine different functional business sectors into a single integrated system and automate internal processes. Based on Spiro, we deploy ERP, PRM, CRM, and CMMS tailored to your company's needs. Our custom solutions help to optimize business operations in various industries, from manufacturing and real estate to finance and eCommerce.

ERP system

An enterprise resource planning system combines all key business processes into a single comprehensive platform. A custom Spiro-based ERP allows you to automate operations, minimize errors, and speed up the execution of tasks.

You can choose the necessary ERP modules according to your business needs and budget: finance and accounting, personnel, products, sales and marketing, analytics and reporting, supply chain, document management, asset control, projects, inventory and warehouse.

The flexibility of the low-code platform's settings ensures fast development and integration of the system, and centralized access to data guarantees the unity and relevance of information, simplifying interaction between departments.

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PRM system

PRM is a system for managing relationships with distributors, resellers and other partners. It contains modules for all aspects of cooperation: partner portals, deal registration, onboarding and communication with partners, performance monitoring, marketing programs, training and certification, integration with CRM and ERP, support and maintenance.

The deployment of a system based on Spiro provides an opportunity to create a unique software solution for optimizing business processes. PRM helps to reduce operating costs and manual labor, and provides convenient access to data.

We launch an MVP version of a project with Spiro within 3-5 months. Further releases come out every 2-6 weeks and include changes based on current business needs and user feedback. This ensures continuous functionality improvement, which makes the PRM system even more flexible and focused on the company's growth. 

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CRM system

Our customer relationship management system allows you to conveniently maintain a client database, track interaction history, and implement personalized communication and sales strategies.

Spiro-based CRM allows you to choose the number of modules you need, optimize collaboration, increase conversions, and boost your company's revenue. Custom CRM includes functionality for managing sales, customer data, marketing, pricing and invoicing, lead generation, third-party integrations, partner activity, reporting, and other aspects.

Moreover, the CRM system provides high flexibility in settings, which allows you to adapt it to the specific needs of your company and expand its functionality as your business grows.

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CMMS is a software for managing the maintenance and repair of equipment. The system optimizes planning, execution of repair work and interaction with service providers, allows you to control company assets, manage stocks and inventory. CMMS reduces downtime, saves resources, and increases the overall productivity of the enterprise.

Apart from a large number of modules that you can choose according to your business needs, CMMS allows you to consolidate all the necessary information into a single platform. This is achieved by integrating with web apps, services, ERP, CRM, or SCADA to transfer reports to the accounting system, import directories, and other data.

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With our flexible forms of cooperation and individual approach to each project, we create comprehensive solutions that meet your goals and budget. If you'd like to optimize your business processes and implement a custom management system, leave your contacts in the form. Our manager will contact you and offer the best solution for your business. 

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