Turnkey solutions to simplify your business processes

We've developed a number of solutions for business process simplification. We've also created sets of instruments (Kits), which are ready for deployment and implementation.

What are fdForge Kits?

Our key solutions are provided as dedicated sets of tools. They've proved their efficiency on numerous projects of our customers.

Turnkey solutions for businesses

Want to bring your company to the next level? Cut expenses, minimize human error, and automate business processes? Then fdForge solutions are exactly what you need.

  • CRM implementation
  • Referral programs
  • Loyalty programs
  • ERP implementation
  • PRM systems
  • Document management systems
  • Auction systems
  • Integration platforms
CRM implementation

CRM implementation

A program that helps organize communication with your clients. Its purpose is to bring order into your sales processes, standardize them, and make the work faster, easier, and more convenient.

You need it if:

  • you deal with an excessive amount of data (for example, big retail);
  • your business is multifunctional with a great number of client interactions;
  • you require a more flexible system where an additional functionality can be added (like digital documentation system).

Turnkey solutions for startups

Got a business idea but don't know how to realize it? We are here to help you launch your startup from scratch

  • Lead processing systems
  • Online services
  • Marketplaces
  • Social networks
Lead processing systems

Lead processing systems

A complex of interconnected methods for data collection and processing necessary for organizing automatic inquiry management and troubleshooting system. Unlike the ready-made systems, we have an option of quick and easy adjustment according to our customers' needs and functionality.

Solution's basic functions

  • automatic inquiry check;
  • marketing factors integration;
  • inquiry scoring;
  • different scripts routing options according to the business goals.

Advantages of working with us

We provide a full spectrum of business digitalization services, from current processes analysis to realization of a complete web-project or mobile app.

  • Innovative solutions

    We are constantly updating our products and looking for new solutions to offer our customers
  • Product flexibility

    We've developed turnkey solutions that can be combined and freely adjusted to your needs
  • Result-oriented approach

    We dive deep into business processes when developing our solutions to ensure the maximum efficiency
  • Openness

    Honest and sincere communication with all the parties involved in doing business with us - is the chief principle we use to guide ourselves
  • Non-trivial capabilities

    Our products are made for solving problems not manageable for cookie-cutter solutions and software with limited functionality
  • Multifunctionality

    Be able to do everything you need with the same program, saving your time and money on integrating countless separate products

Our technological stack

Our platform and development process is based on popular modern open-source technologies. This approach optimizes the development and long-term maintenance of the project

  • Frontend Tools

    Backend Tools

    Mobile App

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Let's streamline
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Let's streamline
your operations

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