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Browser Extension, Web App
The whole world
2024 - Present day

With TextPie, users can create and automate the sending and use of messages through any web platform using prepared templates with dynamic variables for personalization. Thus, the product helps to simplify the sales process, speed up responses to questions, and establish loyal customer relationships

Missions we accomplished

Step-by-step product development with a gradual increase in functionality after collecting feedback from users. Launching the MVP version as soon as possible

  • Development of a Google Chrome extension with the ability to work on any web platform 
  • Development of a user's web site with authorization through Google or LinkedIn with the ability to create message templates and use a certain list of functional variables in these templates 
  • Connecting the Stripe payment system and the functionality of paid subscriptions with advanced features of the TextPie app 
  • Connecting the TextPie landing page, which hosts a public gallery of templates available to users of the service 
  • Development of the functionality of transactional emails sent to users of the product upon the occurrence of certain triggers

Our results

MVP launch in 3 months from the start of the project

Within the first month of using the product, there were already the first positive reviews from real users

The extension is called and works correctly in any inputs on most web platforms

Implemented solutions

Solutions that were used to achieve business goals and fulfill requirements

  • Dynamic variables in templates : TextPie users can easily personalize their messages with dynamic variables in their templates. The system automatically adds certain details such as names, dates, or other special information to messages or emails, saving users from having to enter them manually every time
  • Gallery of ready-made templates : Users of the product have access to a public gallery of templates. The system administrators fill it with the expertise of the best specialists in various fields. The gallery is structured in such a way that the next step will be the option for users to publish their templates to the public and receive rewards for this
  • Ability to share templates : Each template is designed in such a way that it has a public page available for viewing by other users of the service. When you send a link to your template to another user, they have the opportunity to add this template to their personal gallery and use it in their correspondence
  • Security of personal data : All personal data is protected, and user-created templates are kept confidential as intellectual property. They can be distributed only at the initiative of the template owner
  • Support for major business email platforms : The TextPie extension is versatile and lightweight, so it is supported by most platforms and can be called from almost any inbox. However, the priority during development was given to the main core platforms for which the product guarantees uninterrupted operation. These platforms are: Linkedin, Gmail, Facebook, Upwork, Saleforce, Behance, Indeed, Fivver, Dribble, ChatGPT
  • Paid subscriptions with advanced features : The product has a free version with all the basic extension features that fully meets the needs of the user. For professional use, there are paid subscriptions with additional features integrated through the Stripe payment system. All settings for the cost of subscriptions, the duration of the trial period, and functional restrictions are available in the admin panel for centralized project management

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