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YouTube creators' account, where they carry out all communication with the AIR affiliate network. The system allows you to keep track of your income and approve payments, view detailed video statistics, and create support requests.

Missions we accomplished

Our task was to optimize interaction with a large number of creators (8000+) and automate the process of generating payment receipts

  1. Automation of accounting and payments
  2. Keeping records of the client base and detailed financial statistics
  3. Synchronization with YouTube analytics and generation of reports for customers
  4. Implementation of a system for handling customer requests
  5. Launching a referral system with automatic calculation of all payments

Our results

MVP project launch in 4 months and transfer of all customers to the new platform

The referral system has significantly increased the number of customers

Reduced the number of errors due to human factor

  • 6 times : more clients to be processed by the company
  • 4120 times : less time to generate reports

Implemented solutions

  • Approval of payments : We have implemented the process of automatic calculation and approval of monthly payments to the company's clients. The system automatically calculates payments based on the performance of channels and conditions for a particular partner. Partners receive reminders to confirm the payment and its method. The system automatically generates payment implementations for customers
  • Live-statistics : We have provided AIR partners with access to live statistics on the performance of their videos on YouTube, the ability to build detailed reports both by time period and by country
  • Integration with YouTube : To implement full data synchronization, our team worked directly with the YouTube development team. By using the YouTube API, we synchronize data on views and forecasts of partner payments in real time
  • Support system : We have implemented a section where partners can leave requests for support or analysis of the situation, specifying the details of their inquiry. Each partner gets a manager who conducts communication
  • Referral program : Since payments were calculated automatically, it became possible to implement a multi-level referral incentive system. If a partner brought another company to the platform, they received a certain percentage of its monthly profit. The implemented system took 3 levels of referrals into account

Technologies applied


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