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Partner Construction

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Partner Construction is a construction company specializing in the implementation of complex renovation projects of offices, business centers, coworking spaces and large bank facilities.

Missions we accomplished

The purpose of the personal account is to provide the client with full access to all basic information about his objects, both those that are in the active phase of work and those that are completed.


  • Automate and accelerate the process of interaction between the customer and contractors
  • Reduce the number of errors due to the human factor
  • Automate the monitoring of the status of work on the construction site
  • Control of document flow between the contractor and the customer
  • Ability for the customer to contact the contractor in the internal chat on every construction site

Implemented solutions

To provide overall info about renovation process to users, we've focused on most important sections:

  • Mobile first design : One of the important logical tasks of this system was the need to design all interfaces based on mobile devices. Because, first of all, it is important for all customers to receive information quickly and access it at any time. The structure of the system, all its elements and sections were originally designed for mobile devices, after which they have been adapted to the resolution of the desktop screen.
  • Client Authorization : As the project is intended only for Partner Construction clients, each of the company's clients is given personal access to log in, with the ability to recover the password and / or change it in the personal data section. Only the system administrator can register a new user through the control panel. An important point is that more than one user can access the same construction site card.
  • List of objects and details of the object : On the information panel of the client there is a convenient portfolio of objects and the current status for every one of them. The details of the object are divided into logical tabs for quick access.
  • Gallery : One of the important features for clients is the section with a gallery of photos of works on the site. In this section there is a possibility of convenient division of photos into albums according to various stages of work or other logical grouping at the discretion of the manager. In addition, all new photos that have not yet been viewed by the client have the appropriate tags, which helps users to stay up to date.
  • Integration with Telegram : The project implements the ability to integrate a client account with a Telegram bot. In the settings of his profile, the client can choose Telegram as one of the channels of communication with him, and after activating the bot, he will receive notifications about his objects in this messenger. This increases customer loyalty as they stay up to date on all statuses of their objects anytime, anywhere.
  • Live video : The system is integrated with the live streaming functionality of certain vendors' cameras used by Partner Construction. Thus, placing the cameras on the building. site, the company allows customers to receive real-time information about the progress of construction and quality control of work. This approach is a step towards transparent interaction of the construction company with its customers.

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