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Mobile app
2022 - today

Zoomies is an interesting, fun, educational social app for everyone who loves pets, takes care of them, helps them. The application uses the principle of “neighborhood society”, all content recommended to users is based on their geolocation.

Missions we accomplished

The goal of the project is to unite pet lovers into a useful community for the purpose of mutual assistance, spending time together, and promoting their products and services to a specific target audience.

  1. Development of a cross-platform mobile application
  2. Development of the functionality of paid subscriptions with advanced features
  3. Chat implementation for all participants within the system
  4. Automatic creation of fan polls and assignment of awards
  5. Implementation of business user profile functionality
  6. Importing articles for the library from third-party resources
  7. Development of an algorithm for news feed generation

Our results

We implemented a highly flexible algorithm for creating a news feed, which became the basis for our Social Kit.

We launched a well-established mechanism for paid subscriptions regardless of the device platform.

New fun quick pick games are implemented in the app to increase your save time.

  • 7 months : from idea to launch
  • 1000+ : users in the first month
  • 78 % : retention rate

Implemented solutions

The functionality of the project is quite broad and consists of many interesting modules, but here we will talk about the most significant ones from a technical point of view.

  • Pet profiles : In addition to the profiles of the users themselves in the system, you can create an individual profile for each of your animals, which will display all the content associated with this pet - posts, activities, events, etc. The system can specify users-co-owners of animals, who will also be able to manage such profiles.
  • Algorithm for generating a user's news feed : The largest and most significant functionality of the application is the user's personalized news feed. Feed content is curated for each user of the app and sorted based on a variety of factors to ensure that the most recent and interesting information for the user is always displayed first. To do this, a whole algorithm was thought out and developed, in which each of the content factors is assigned a certain score, which in turn is multiplied by the weight of this factor, and “weight” in this case is a flexibly adjustable value that can be set via the admin panel.
  • Business profiles : Each user has the opportunity to create their own business profile, or even more than one. A convenient search for businesses, as well as their sorting by the geolocation closest to the user, ensures that the desired service is quickly found. The main rule is that all businesses in the app must either provide goods and services for animals and their owners, or be a pet-friendly business.
  • Internal chat : A convenient internal chat is used for communication between any users of the application, both personal and business profiles. In chats, it is possible to share content posts you like with each other or just communicate with your friends and subscribers.
  • Premium paid subscriptions : One of the project monetization methods is the sale of paid subscriptions, which will provide users with additional features when working with the app. This applies to both regular users and business profiles. Extended features mean the ability to create more events per month, invite an unlimited number of people to your groups, receive discounts on the publication of advertising posts, and other privileges.
  • Article import : The application has a section with useful thematic articles. These articles can either be added by services admin panel, or imported from third-party resources.
  • Quick pick polls : Another interesting feature in the application is the daily fan voting for pets in various categories. All users of a certain area can take part in the voting, and the nominees themselves are determined randomly by the system, taking into account the fact that each of the pets took part in the voting the same number of times. Winners get rewards that are displayed in the form of stickers in the profile of a certain pet.
  • Content Security : Since there is a lot of user-generated content in the Zoomies app, special attention is paid to the safety of this content for all the users. The project provides a separate module for managing security and tracking inappropriate content and users. Each user can file a complaint about any information created by another user, including the user or business profile itself. These complaints are considered by the administration and appropriate measures are taken. When a certain number of such complaints is reached, the content is automatically blocked until the situation is considered and moderated by the administration.

Technologies applied

We'd like to note that the team is constantly striving to improve the projects they're working on and is aware of the technological trends in our field. Such communication greatly helps us in our work.
Vasil Nikitin, CEO

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