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AgroApp fintech service is a free tool that saves agribusiness the most valuable thing of all - time, by connecting farmers, banks and suppliers, streamlining the loan application process and allowing agricultural companies to get a loan faster.

Missions we accomplished

The main idea of the service is to give farmers a tool that will help them to buy equipment, seeds or pesticides, to get a loan quickly, cheaply and without deposit and provide an additional online sales channel for banks and suppliers.


  • To design a landing page that would clearly describe the benefits of the service for all types of its participants, allowing the farmer to apply for a loan, and for the banks and manufacturers of agricultural products to process these applications;
  • To implement convenient and functional personal accounts for each type of service user - the bank representative, supplier and producer of agricultural goods, to manage and process the applications received from farmers

Our results

A free online service has been launched, enabling agribusiness to submit funding applications solely using their Legal Entity Identifier.

The application can be filled out in just a few minutes, using data sourced from 70 government registries.

The agricultural producer has the convenience of submitting their application to multiple banks within the service, and selecting the most beneficial financing terms later on.

  • within 24 hours : creditor's initial decision
  • 400+ : agribusinesses have already tried AgroApp
  • >500 : million UAH raised by agribusinesses in 2022

Implemented solutions

Solutions that were used to achieve our objectives and business requirements:

  • UX Design : To make the processing of requests faster and more efficient, and the work of managers - comfortable and as productive as possible taking into account the specifics of the project development area, much attention was paid to the UX of personal accounts.
  • UI Design : A laconic and technologically advanced logo with easy-to-remember elements related to agro-themed was developed. To make the new brand, just entering the market, become memorable and not go unnoticed by the audience, original identity elements, dynamic illustrations and interactive images were proposed in the design.
  • Agribusiness application : The agribusiness loan application process consists of several simple steps that allow you to get the desired amount of funding in the shortest possible time. By gathering data from 70 state registries and cooperating with YouControl, Feodal.online and Vkursi Zemli, AgroApp allows an accurate picture of the legal entity and the land bank to evaluate the farmer and his reliability as a borrower. Thus, banks do not need to conduct their classic long analysis, their function is reduced only to direct financing.
  • Application processing by banks : The application is instantly sent to the AgroApp partner banks (at the time of launching the project these are OTP, Alfa Bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Oschadbank, MTB Bank) and processed according to the auction principle: the first who reviewed the application and took a preliminary decision, starts the process of financing the agribusiness. If the farmer has chosen a particular bank, the application for a loan is considered only by that bank.
  • Adaptive : Considering the fact that about 72% of users visit the site from mobile devices, and the specifics of the target audience, special attention was paid to the adaptive version of the service. Since for farmers, the ability to quickly send an application for a loan from a mobile device, not wasting a lot of time and not having at hand a desktop computer, is crucial, the UX system was developed on the principle of mobile first.

Technologies applied

Stakeholders are very pleased with the end result, especially the thoughtful design work. Agency's investment in the project's success made them a reliable partner. They maintained consistent communication along with a deadline-oriented working style. Their suggestions added value.
Yaroslav Smakota, Vice-President FINIK.PRO

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