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Mapus is a convenient platform to finding customers and contractors online on a map using geolocation. The platform unites professionals in all areas, from apartment renovation to text translation, as well as a special section with remote services.

Missions we accomplished

The goal of Mapus is to bring together different professionals and customers of their services. The platform saves customers time searching for masters, and allows performers to earn without commissions. Each user can be both a customer and a contractor.


  • Develop all of the ways of interaction for all user roles involved in the business processes of the service
  • Develop the functionality of paid subscriptions with advanced features
  • Implementation of chat for all participants of the system
  • Development of a cross-platform mobile application, as well as a web versions of the system
  • Integration of payment system and implementation of automatic subscription renewal

Implemented solutions

Many functional modules with modern technological solutions have been developed for Mapus to work effectively.

  • Map and search module : The whole service is based on a map with the possibility of two-way search - performers search for tasks of their profile, and customers find performers as close as possible to their geolocation. You can search for specialists by category and filter them by online status and premium profiles. There's also a separate section on the platform for remote work tasks.
  • Personal profiles of customers and contractors : Although the map and search are available to all Mapus visitors, the full functionality of the service is available only to registered users. The peculiarity of this project was that the same user can be both a customer and a contractor, so UX of personal profiles are designed so that when you change your role, switching is "smooth". Said so, after changing from one role to another, the functionality of the cabinet changes, but the location and logic of the basic elements of interaction remains the same.
  • Order Processing Mechanism : Orders are processed on an auction basis, ie contractors can respond to the tasks, created by the customers, but the final choice of the contractor remains at the discretion of the customer after studying all proposals from them.
  • Internal chat : Mapus does not charge commissions for work performed by performers and all settlements take place outside the service. Therefore, an internal secure chat has been developed for customers and performers. Here they discuss the details of the tasks, deadlines and cost of their implementation. In the chat, you can share files and call the person you're talking to.
  • Evaluation and rating of performers : After completing the work on the order, the customer has the opportunity to evaluate the performer, outlining his reaction with smilies. Evaluation of performers is carried out via chat - when the customer performs the task manually or after task deadline is reached, the customer will receive a message in the chat asking to evaluate the performer. All ratings are anonymous, so performers will not know what rating a particular customer gave them.
  • Paid subscriptions and premium accounts : One way to monetize a project is to sell paid subscriptions with premium accounts. Premium accounts have advanced functionality for working with the service: an unlimited number of job categories, higher ranking in search results, as well as many other features that help take more orders, increase customer confidence and earn more. To implement this functionality, few external payment systems were implemented.
  • Mobile application : One of the main tasks of this project was to develop a mobile application. Its necessity was due to the fact that the most important task of the project was its ease of use for all types of users and constant availability anywhere and anytime. The Mapus application is cross-platform, implemented on the modern Flutter framework, thanks to which any device, regardless of the operating system, retains the same style of all functional elements and similar navigation.

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