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Pinga is a mental health support service with the help of a psychologists in a text format at any time and place convenient for the user.

Missions we accomplished

The main task of Pinga is to create a service that allows you to conduct psychological counseling:

  • At any time: the patient can seek psychological support durint any time of day or night
  • Easily: thanks to Pinga, the user does not waste time on the road and has the opportunity to get a consultation 24/7 in any place convenient for him
  • Cost efficient: a basic monthly subscription to a textual consultation with a personal psychologist costs €99, ​​which is one and a half to two times cheaper than a traditional visit to a psychologist
  • Secure: Pinga securely stores, encrypts and does not share user data

Implemented solutions

We have implemented a simple and user-friendly website and mobile application, including psychologists and patients personal profiles, which have all the necessary features to provide high-quality mental health support via text communication.

  • Public section : Contains all the necessary information about the Pinga service, including pricing, principles of work, interaction algorithm, as well as a FAQ section and a blog on mental health.
  • Patient's cabinet : Personal digital space of the patient, which includes a chat with a personal psychologist, user profile and additional settings for selecting the channel to receive notifications from the service, type of subscription and payment methods.
  • Psychologist's cabinet : Personal digital space of the psychologist, including a list of chats with active consultations, that include the possibility of keeping personal records of sessions.
  • Chat : The core of the service is a chat between the patient and the psychologist. Users have the ability to exchange text, audio and multimedia messages in pdf, png, jpeg and emoji formats. At the same time, the psychologist has the functionality to manage the list of chats with patients: divide them into folders, pin some chats at the top of the chat list, archive and delete communications.
  • Audio Messages : Although the main focus of the service is on the textual format of the patient's communication with the psychologist, the audience of users with special needs or disabilities cannot be ignored. Therefore, we have implemented the ability to exchange voice messages, the maximum duration of which is 5 minutes, and the playback mode can be accelerated by 2 times.
  • Notes : A distinctive feature of the functionality of the psychologist's account is the ability to keep records for each patient. The psychologist has the opportunity not only to add a textual description of the session of interaction with the patient, but also to attach relevant files (for example, photographs, scanned copies of documents, etc.).
  • Psychologist load balancer : To provide high quality consultation to its clients, Pinga service monitors current load of every psychologist - how many active patients every specialist has at the moment. Therefore, new clients are assigned to a less busy specialist.
  • Mobile application : The Pinga application is cross-platform, implemented on the modern Flutter framework, so that any device, regardless of the operating system, retains the same style of all functional elements and similar navigation.

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