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The Joy


The Joy is the first project of a unique ecosystem for consumers and health and beauty service providers. Private performers and salons accept orders for their services, and consumers receive quality beauty services at a convenient time and place. The plan is to enter the German market with further expansion around the world.

Missions we accomplished

The aim of the project was to help each client gain convenient access to health and beauty services. And for every specialist and salon owner - to simplify and reduce the cost of logistics and financial planning, increase business efficiency and also provide new marketing channels.


  • Development of all the ways of interaction for all user roles involved in the business processes of the service
  • Development of a mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as web versions of the system
  • Integration with third-party booking systems
  • Integration of the payment system and adjust the distribution of payments and fees
  • Implementation of management and accounting systems for salons owners and administrators

Implemented solutions

Many functional modules with technological solutions have been developed for the efficient operation of The Joy system. Here are just a few of them.

  • Search module : The search engine takes into consideration the categorization of services, rating of masters and salons, their schedules, service languages and other parameters, in order to most likely offer clients a specialist and a service relevant to their request.
  • Booking system : The Joy booking system includes integration with the payment system to block and write off the cost of orders and commissions, make payments to masters and salons, and realizes the possibility of canceling reservations with refunds.
  • Integrations : Integration with Google Calendar is implemented for masters and salons - all orders are automatically exported to pre-linked calendars. In addition, Treatwell Connect synchronization is configured to import calendar entries from Treatwell into the salon owner's order calendar on The Joy.
  • Detailed statistics : Salon masters and owners have the ability to control all their cash flows in the system. The system provides detailed information (in the form of charts and graphs) on the sources and distribution of funds - referral program, orders in the system, as well as various bonuses.
  • Cash management : A very important function for salon owners and administrators is the ability to keep records directly in the system. This module is designed to keep records of cash transactions of salons.
  • Bonus and reward system : In-app currency of the service, unique referral program, super games, bonus system - all these modules are an integral part of the system aimed at attracting new customers and maintaining loyalty of regular customers.
  • Mobile application : As one of the main ideas of the project is its ease of use and constant availability anywhere at any time, a mobile application was first developed, which was later supplemented by a web version.

Technologies applied


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