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PRM system

Est8App is an application for internal use by commercial real estate brokers for the purpose of constantly maintaining a common database of objects and clients of the company, convenient accounting of transactions and automatic formation of a list of currently vacant premises that meet the client's request.

Missions we accomplished

The purpose of the project is to simplify and systematize the work of brokers, speed up the creation of long lists by automating processes.


  • Implementation of the premise selection algorithm depending on the client's request
  • Development of a cross-platform mobile application for brokers and a web interface for clients
  • Development of listing functionality for viewing the premises
  • Broker performance estimation
  • Gathering and visualization of statistics on rent / sale of premises
  • Dashboards for premises owners

Implemented solutions

To implement all of the business requirements of the project, we have developed many functional modules and solutions.

  • Mobile application for brokers : The main and most important task of the project was to develop a mobile application, intended for internal use by all brokers, employees of BLD Group. The main emphasis in the design was primarily on UX – maximum convenience and intuitive use of the application.
  • Long-list generation algorithm : From a technical point of view, the most interesting part of the project was the development of an algorithm for selecting vacant premises from the database, which would meet the customer's request. This feature significantly saves brokers time on creating long lists of objects for clients and improves the quality of information provided.
  • Viewing requests module: This module is useful for both clients and brokers, because after the client adds all the premises he likes to view and sends a request, the broker will be able to see this request in the application, create a viewing route and send it to the client.
  • Web interface for clients : All customers can access long lists via a link that opens a web interface where the customer can log in (using their phone number) and see a list of pre-selected premises. For customer convenience, objects are displayed both as a list and on a map. Each of the premises has a separate page with details of a specific building and vacant spaces in it.
  • Property Comparison Functionality : When viewing long lists, clients have the opportunity to add their favorite objects to the comparison list and check the main characteristics of selected buildings in a table format.
  • Web interface for homeowners : All homeowners are included in the company's database and have access to personal dashboards via a link. Like customers, owners sign in with an OTP password and can quickly track their premises statistics and adjust premise settings by requesting changes in a feedback form.

Technologies applied


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