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Restyleme is a commission platform that sells clothing and accessories of luxury brands. Restyleme service is a new direction for conscious shopping, which creates an alternative philosophy of consumption in the field of modern fashion, a space of common interests and mutual trust, care for yourself and the environment.

Missions we accomplished

The aim of the project is to implement a user-friendly mobile application and web interface of the platform.


  • Think-through the structure of categories, search filters
  • Develop of a cross-platform mobile application and a website
  • Implement online auction functionality
  • Create a flexible loyalty program
  • Develop and implement a customer account to save the history of his orders
  • Implement order tracking system for any device

Implemented solutions

We conducted a detailed analysis of the target audience and identified the main functional requirements of the business to achieve all of the set goals.

  • Public site : UX of the platform was originally developed on prototypes, as it was necessary to think through all user scenarios for both the desktop version of the service and the mobile application. The main feature of the public part of the platform is a catalog of products with well-thought-out categorization, search and flexibly adjustable number of filters.
  • Client's profile : Logged in users have basic marketplace functionality - managing the client's profile, saving the history of orders and monitoring the status of the current order. In addition, users can view their current performance in loyalty program and adjust payment methods.
  • Mobile application : 80% of users of fashion ecommerce use mobile applications to interact with the service, so the first priority was to develop a cross-platform mobile application.
  • Loyalty program : There is a loyalty program on the marketplace - for each purchase customer receives a certain number of points on the bonus account. These points can be accumulated or spent immediately when paying for other purchases on the platform.
  • Auction Module : In addition to the ability to make a standard purchase using the shopping cart, restyleme marketplace provides the ability to purchase items at auction. The mechanics of the auctions were carefully thought out and implemented on the platform, taking into consideration such nuances as auto-increase of bids, top-bid for every lot and anti-fraud system.

Technologies applied


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